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Masters Essay Help


Discover How to Excel At Writing Masters Essay Without Wasting Your Time Surfing Scam Custom Essay Writing Services


The Master’s essay is a scholarly paper written in partial fulfillment of the requirement for the Masters Degree. Students who have been assigned such an essay should carefully develop it by keeping it well organized.


This Masters Essay Writing Guide will help you in 5 ways:


  1. Foremost Important Advice
  2. 6 Questions for Your Masters Essay Evaluation
  3. Masters Essay Format
    1. Paper Arrangement
    2. Title Page Format
    3. Formatting & Style
  4. Masters Essay Proof-Reading
  5. Recommended Resource Links


Important Advice:

Students planning to write a Masters Essay should consult with their advisors. An advisor's approval of both the topic and a preliminary outline of the essay should be obtained before proceeding further.


6 Questions That Evaluate Your Masters Essay Like a PhD Doctor

  1. Does the essay address important and interesting phenomena complimenting your subject matter?  (1-10)
  2. Is the essay evidently and logically sound and not misleading? (1-10)
  3. Is the essay well organized and clearly written? (1-10)
  4. Does the essay provide adequate historical perspective for the research presented? (1-10)
  5. Is the research matter and style of presentation appropriate for  Master's work?  (1-10)
  6. Overall impression of thesis (1-10)


Masters Degree Essay



The text of the Masters Essay doesn’t have any prescribed format. However, we should follow the below given arrangement and format of the title page:


Masters Essay Paper Arrangement:


APPENDIX (optional)
AUTOBIOGRAPHICAL STATEMENT (only if required by department)



Masters Essay Formatting Style


  • Double Spaced except for footnotes and extended quotations.
  • One side of a sheet paper should be used per page.
  • Preferably black font color throughout the essay.
  • Paper should be white.
  • Standard 8 1/2 x 11 bond paper is preferred unless computer paper of the same size is used.
  • Pages should be numbered consecutively and each new chapter should start on a new page.
  • Only clear and recognizable copies of photographs or slides are accepted.
  • Neat Corrections using white out are acceptable.
  • Mathematic Formula that cannot be typed should be completed in black ink. (Penciled formulas are not accepted).


Masters Essay Proofreading


Essays should be carefully proofread after all corrections suggested by the adviser have been made. Manuscripts will be scanned to make sure they are generally free of spelling and typing errors and adhere to a consistent format. A manuscript that does not conform to acceptable standards will be returned to the student for correction.


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