Term and Conditions


  • Wey will try our level best to cooperate with the Customer and provide reasonable care and skill to make the Order as successful and as close to the Customer’s demand as possible. The Customer will assist us by providing the accurate and the relevant information, when required, which will be helpful in completion of the Order.
  • If the Customer is unable to provide the specific information or guidance needed in the completion of the Order on time, it is possible that we may delay the Order on the pre-decided time. In such a case, we will not be held responsible for the delay or the quality of the completed Order.
  • We agree that if a Customer is not satisfied with the Order and believes that the completed Order is not up to the specified instructions, they may ask for modifications to the Order within the 365 days after the Order is delivered
    to them. The Customers can also ask for modifications free of charge. All modifications will be done free of charge.


  • We agree to deliver the Order by email as attachment in MS WORD before midnight of the due date. It would be an exception if the due date falls on a Sunday, Bank holiday, Christmas day, Boxing Day or New Years Day which are
    all non-working days. In a case like this, the completed Order will be delivered to the Customer the other day
    before midnight.
  • If we can prove that the work was delivered on time, then the Money Back Guarantee will no longer be applicable.
  • We will not be responsible for refund if it was caused due to technical problems caused by a third party which may include ISP problems, Mail Accounts, Data Base Software, Incompatible Formats and Hosting Providers.

Privacy & Ownership:

  • We agree that all the information provided by the Customer regarding the Order, including placing the Order and payments will be stored onour secure database. We agree that the Customers’ details will not be shared with any third party threatening Customers’ identity.
  • The Customers’ personal and secure information will not be disclosed by us unless it is required to do so under a lawful authority or in case of any fraudulent transactions.
  • We will not hold the copyrights or ownership of any of the work which is given to the Customer.
  • The Customer understands that we strive to provide highly individual and personalized services to all of its Customers and help them reach their goals. Thus, we condemns plagiarism and acts of copyrights being violated and promotes the authorization of each completed Order.
  • We agree that it is not in any condition allowed to resale, distribute or give away the Customers’ Order to any
    third party. We also agree that any of the work will not be found published on any website, essay bank or journal after it has been completed by an expert. For this purpose, we offer Life Time Money Back Guarantee if the Customer can detect any plagiarism or copyright violation of the agreement.


  • We offers a life time guarantee if and when a Customer detects any plagiarism in the completed Order which is supplied by us. The term plagiarize only applies to the text which has been copied from any website, book, journal, essay, past piece of work or any other source either in parts or whole without giving due credit to the source by
    the expert, unless directed by the Customer.
  • Payment once received will not be refunded unless your credit card is charged twice.
  • 100% Money-Back Guarantee applies only when we are unable to write your paper.
  • “Custom-essays-lab” ONLY guarantees the A-Grade according to the “Customer” satisfaction or opinion at the time of “Order” delivery.
  • “Custom-essays-lab” does not guarantee any grades or marks awarded by any institution or person, after the “Customer” was satisfied at the time of delivery.
  • Customer cannot ask for the refund once the paper is submitted to the University. He can only avail revision facility as per Supervisor given feedback.
  • Customer has 10 days from submission of the complete paper to get the work revised. After that, your request of revision will not be considered.
  • If the “Customer” is holding any proof whatsoever that the “Work” does not meet the quality standard ordered, it is mandatory according to this agreement that such evidence must be presented to the “Custom-essays-lab” immediately (within three days from Final paper submission) and the “Custom-essays-lab” will take this evidence into account when reaching a decision. All such evidence will be treated with absolute confidentiality
  • In all cases, the Custom essays lab verdict is final but Customer will be provided with adequate information about reaching the decision.

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