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  1. What is Custom-Essays-Lab.co.uk? And how it can help me guarantee an “A” grade or a 1st class degree?
Custom-Essays-Lab.co.uk is top-notch company which has provided 100% original custom essays to over 4,346 students all over the world in the last 3 years with a team of 32 highly-qualified and certified writers each being a specialist in his/her own field of expertise. The company is owned by Calvert Connel who holds 9-years of experience of teaching students in of Arts, Literature, History, Sociology and Standardized Test Preparation. Mr. Connel’s writing team consists of exclusively professional writers who are highly qualified in their area of knowledge; by “highly qualified” we mean that they hold at least a Masters Degree.

These writers have access to a huge base of literary resources of different nature. It permits your custom essay writers to find all materials and information you need to create an excellent custom essay. That is why they guarantee success of your customs essays and development of your own writing skills.

Presently headed by CEO Calvert Connel, Custom-Essays-lab.co.uk is striving to be a leader in the academic writing industry.

  1. How are you different from other essay writing companies?
There are a lot of custom essay writing services available on the internet but when it comes to delivery, quality and being ‘custom-ly yours’, most of them are far behind US!!

  1. Can you help me find a suitable topic for my essay?

We are pleased to tell you that our writers are well-qualified specialists that hold at least Master's Degrees in different fields (English, Arts, Psychology, Law, Marketing, Science, Business, Finance, Sociology, Biology) and they have years of experience in writing custom essays. Be it a high-school essay or PhD essay, they can write it for you. Also our authors have experience of writing more than 30 types of essays. The most popular ones are:

  • Argumentative essay
  • Persuasive essay
  • Compare and contrast essay
  • Cause and effect essay
  • Narrative essay
  • Definition essay
  • Descriptive essay
  • Literary analysis essay

They've written on no less than 92 different disciplines. We can now confidently offer our services for any possible topic, type or level.

  1. How do you detect plagiarism? What if my essay is found to be plagiarized?

Our essay writers get paid only when they use their original thoughts and ideas, elucidated through high-class research and writing proficiency. Therefore, the following is not tolerable under any situation:

  • Copying and pasting from websites
  • Copying from offline books, texts, and journals
  • Basing your work on the ideas/structure of others or past pieces of work

All work is scanned against:

  • 2 million hard copy sources
  • 4 billion web pages, and
  • Over all the past pieces of work of other researchers

We check all of the essays with most up to date Anti-plagiarism software (EVE2) before sending any work to you. There is absolutely no chance of delivering a plagiarized essay.

Every customer gets the anti-plagiarism scanned report along with the essay. Also as part of our special 2007 launch, you will get free plagiarism detection software. So you can also check for instances of copying and pasting.

If in case, customer complains for plagiarism, we will check it in-house. If we found the customer to be true, we will offer Free Unlimited Modifications or Money-Back Guarantee.

  1. Will my teacher know that I have taken your help?
No! Our Custom Essay Writing services are absolutely classified. Furthermore, our professional essay writers will custom write your college essays to match your language skills and academic level, whether you are a school, pre-college student having English as your second language or you are a Ph.D. student skilled in the language. We know exactly how to help you to write your custom essays. Our Privacy Policy provides that we will use appropriate contractual means to establish a comparable level of protection for personal information. We value our customers and consequently your concerns are our concerns.

  1. Who will write my essay? & Can I contact him?

Writing a custom-essay is not considered a One-Man job in our company. The team of our professional writers consists of experts with various academic backgrounds and skills, thus they will be able to fulfill even the tangled requirements you provide including researching, proofreading, editing etc.

The Good news is; you can correspond with your writer directly. There will be no mediators involved. You just need to access your order account and click the "contact writer" button. It helps to ensure that you are always aware of the progress of your essay and if you have any questions you can receive a direct clarification from your writer.

Every writer is made responsible to answer your questions within 24-hours. So please do wait for at least 24 hours before you send another message.

  1. How fast can my order be completed?
You choose the delivery period yourself (in 8 hours, 12 hours, 24 hours, 48 hours, 4, 5, … or 8 days). However we send out the custom essays produced as soon as they are ready and checked for plagiarism. If your deadline is 48 hours or more, then we’ll deliver your essay before 24 hours, so that you can have chance to avail free-revisions if incase the essay doesn’t match your prescribed criterion. We know that academic deadlines are crucial for you. So we will always be on time with your essay. You will receive your essay, term essay, whatever by the deadline you indicated in the order-form.

  1. In what format do you provide your custom essays?
The essays can be produced in any format you choose (APA, MLA, Chicago, Turabian, etc.) Every custom essay or essay produced by our company is a subject to the following standards, unless otherwise specified by the customer: 275 words per page, double – spaced, Courier New 12 p.t. font, with one inch margins on all sides. However, you can specify any format you wish in your order description.

  1. Do you provide free revisions?
We have a quality control department which ensures the originality of the essays we send to you. Custom-Essays-Lab.co.uk does not cooperate with any essay databases, nor maintains one of its own, so you can be 100% sure that you will purchase an original essay.

Our company guarantees that the essay you receive will be well-supported and referenced according to your specifications. However, if there is anything you do not like about your essay, Custom-Essay-Lab.co.uk will provide unlimited revisions FREE of charge. If the essay provided to you does not comply with the standards or details you described in the order form, we will re-write and/or edit for free until you are satisfied.

If by any chance, your essay does not meet our standards or your specifications, we revise it free of cost. However, keep in mind that the amendments should be within the parameters of the original order details.
  1. Do you take information from a specific book or source?
Our writers have unlimited 24/7 access to university and college libraries in US and UK. They have also access to encyclopedias, journals, case studies, periodicals, and articles to write your essay from the sources according to your prescriptions given in the order form.

  1. Who will own the work?
We give exclusive rights of Essay ownership to our customers. We offer autonomous bespoke research services for the sake of helping students enhance their academic leanings. Customers have full rights to pass off the work done by us as their own or as anyone else's, either in full or in part. Moreover, we undertake not to perform any unlawful sharing, display, or resale of the essays.

  1. What are your prices?

Our prices are based on three factors:

  • Number of pages (250 words per page)
  • Number of days
  • Paper Standard

24 Hours £24.95/Page
48 Hours £21.95/Page
3 Days £19.95/Page
4 Days £17.95/Page
5 Days £15.95/Page
6 Days £14.95/Page
7 Days £13.95/Page
More Than 7 Days £9.95/Page

  1. Am I qualified for the discount?

Yes! You are qualified for the discount if you order your essay before August, 02, 2008. You can save even more money off our competitive rates.

How does it feel to have enough money to either:

  • pay off your university debts
  • go out traveling with your friends
  • buy a birthday gift for your love-mate
  • go out clubbing
  • buy the car you’ve been dreaming about for so long
  • go out on a magical date
Discount Qualification
Discount Rate %
250 - 1000
2% OFF
1250-2000 words
3% OFF
2250-3750 words
5% OFF
4000 to 6250 words
7% OFF
Above 6500 words
10% OFF

Note: The offer is for limited-time because we can’t afford giving these massive discounts for the long period of time. This is a sales-promotion offer which is only available till August 2010.

  1. How can I pay for the essay?

Pay By Credit Card
(Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express, Dinners, JCB and Debit Cards With the Visa and/or MasterCard logo)...
Order Via PayPal®, and PayPal Pay Later®...
PayPal Later allows current users of PayPal to make no payments for 90 days by providing them with a line of credit.
Pay Via Your Online Bank Account... Buy online through your existing bank account. You are not required to setup an account, no credit card is needed and your personal information is never revealed. In order to make a payment through your online bank account, select FXSource on the payment page.

  1. Can I pay in installments?

Yes, you can. We make it really simple for you to avail this facility. You will only get the number of pages you have paid for. You can make unlimited number of installments. You just need to inform us the "Order Reference ID" (check your confirmation order email for this number) and we will send you the link to pay for your next order or installment. We follow a simple and easy to follow process. Even if you choose to break-up your payment, you will receive following benefits:

  • The writing process will not be disturbed at all.
  • Your writer will keep working on your essay while we take care of the payments, so you are guaranteed on-time delivery without any delay.
  • Unlike other companies you don’t have to pay some extra money if you break-up your payment.
  • You’ll still be qualified for the discounts if you order 10 or more pages in each installment.

  1. How will I get the essay once the writer has completed it?

As soon as your order is completed, we send it to you through e-mail in MS Word. It will be sent to the e-mail address you will provide at the order form. Please type in the correct e-mail address at the order form. 

We also ask customers to give us an alternate e-mail address in case the first one is not working. If for some reason, you don’t get the essay at your primary e-mail then always check your secondary e-mail address before sending an inquiry to us.

  1. Where is your company located?

We are UK-based writing service. Our company address is as follows:

Suite 210, Coborn House, 3 Coborn Road,
Docklands, London, E3 2DA,
United Kingdom
Fax number: 44-12-7434-1110
E-mail: support@custom-essays-lab.co.uk

  1. Is it safe to order online?

Absolutely! All transactions are done on a secure server. When you submit your details at the secure form, your computer and our server begin communicating, sending data back and forth in an encrypted format. All of your personal information including your name, address, and credit card number are encrypted so it cannot be read when the information travels across the internet.

We have taken steps to ensure the security of your transaction. Once you reach the secure environment (the checkout process), all your transactions can be made with confidence. We use the advance technology to transmit your data using 128 bit encryption. Your data is protected by all kinds of hackers and spammers. Also, we do not store your data on our computers.

  1. Do you have any Money-Refund policy? If so, then what’s it?
If for any reason you think your Essay is not in accordance with your prescription, we’ll let you keep the bonuses with you FOREVER and buy your ESSAY back from you for every penny you paid.

Reasons (that are IMPOSSIBLE to happen) could be running in your mind are:

  • Delivery Issue If your essay is not delivered on time,
    keep your
    £77.74 Value bonuses with you & we’ll refund all
  • Plagiarism-Issue If your essay does not pass the plagiarism-test, keep your £77.74 Value bonuses with you & we’ll refund all of your money!
  • Low-Quality-Issue If you find mistakes or irrelevant bogus material in your essay, keep your £77.74 Value bonus with you & we’ll refund all of your money!

We firmly believe in CUSTOMER-SATISFACTION, hence, we’ll spend

our each and every precious second for you to meet your prescribed

criteria even if we have to re-write your essay thousands of time BUT

before the delivery TIME!!!

free educational offer
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