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Hello, and welcome to my website. My name is Calvert Connel… I graduated [Master of Arts (M.F.A.) in Teaching] from Cambridge University 1998 and obtained my training certificates of CTA and FCA in 1999. It has been 9 years now since I put my step in the field of serving students professionally.

Throughout my life, I have always loved teaching; therefore, I used to provide tuition to my peers voluntarily during my University life. Professionally, I started my career in 1999 by providing private tuitions to the students of Arts, Literature, History, Sociology and Standardized Test Preparation at their residence on part-time basis. At the same time I also worked as a Freelance Press-release writer in London Review of Books for about 11 months.
History of Website: (Launched on Nov, 02 2005)

Before I started my Online-Essay-Writing-Services, my schedule was hectic with limited income. I wanted to expand my teaching-services with professional stability in the field of Essay-Writing that I love the most! I am thankful to my student Richard who advised & helped me to bring my services ONLINE considering the frustrated problems of the students which even I had suffered a bit during my academic life. I consider that ruining a social life and a peaceful sleep in writing a fruitless essay is not a wise option for any student. Hence, I took my step forward to provide helping hand to the students to help them enhance their academic and social lives.

I launched my website on Nov, 02 2005 with the support of my student Richard who helped me develop my website. More than that, he has been responsible for providing research materials for essay articulation. The first 20 days was just amazing. I alone with the efforts of Richard completed 93 Orders including free revisions for students. But, as the time passed, the job was getting difficult & more difficult for me as I was receiving more than 75 orders a day daily. It became impossible for me to complete each and every order. Realizing the intensity of problem, I increased my staff up to 32 Highly-Qualified members in less than 6-months and for that I had to rent a house. I limited the acceptance of order to 45 a day ensuring the fact that we don’t compromise with the Quality!!!
My Assistant & Student (RICHARD PETERSON)

RICHARD PETERSON, who advised and helped me in developing my writing services ONLINE, is MSC in Psychology from University of Oxford, London. He is a technical researcher, writer & editor. He has also worked as a ghost writer, helping students with theses and other research projects. He has written for print and online publications geared to a variety of different audiences, with a special interest in science and medicine. He is fresh but a very talented guy having experience of ACADEMIC writing, editing and proofreading.

Meet my Professional Services Staff

My office is a lively and demanding workplace. My gifted employees have a strong work ethic, in addition to promise each other to work mutually to pursue the objectives of our customers. Receiving and responding to over 350 inquiries from customers each day, but only accepting and successfully delivering 45 orders a day, we are on our way to the highest quality and service for many years to come. Moreover, 38 writers work on freelance basis!
My 3-Top Quality Writers & Researchers
JULIETTE DAWSON, PHD in English Literature and MA degree in Religious Studies from Queen Mary, University of London. She has been writing and tutoring students for over 12 years. She was an internal proofreader of doctoral dissertations at the Queen Mary, University of London. She does extremely well working with international or ESL students. Specializing in APA, MLA, and Chicago styles, she has written and proofread hundreds of doctoral dissertations.

LAURA GREEN, MBA (International Business) from University of Westminster, particularly enjoys working with students who have gotten “stuck” in their dissertations or theses, helping them to find new energy and clarify their thinking in order to move forward. Laura’s work is fast and efficient, with a rapid turnaround time. She has had more than 4 years of masters-level writing experience, helping students with their MBA dissertations and theses.

EMMA SMITH, M.A in Classical Studies and Humanities from Middlesex University. She has written numerous masters-level dissertations on Arts, American history, Philosophy, Psychology and many more....

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