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“What IF” Essay Topics

What If You Could Have Access To “What If Essay Topics” That Would Thrill Your Mind With The Imaginative Essay Ideas!

  • Have you been assigned to write imaginative essays but you don’t how to come up with an effective essay topic to write about?
  • Do you fear that the “What if essay topic” you think to be interesting may not create spark in the eyes of your professor?
  • Every time you go for selecting a “What IF essay Topic”, you eventually get unsatisfied with its originality and effectiveness?
10 Top “

What If Essay Topic

” Ideas of Your Interest!

  • What if I was Superman?
  • What if I was a Prime Minister?
  • What if there was only religion in this world?
  • What if we had an ever-lasting life in this world?
  • What if I was the richest person in this world?
  • What if I was a girl/boy?
  • What if I was a celebrity?
  • What if we could memorize everything in seconds forever?
  • What if we could go everywhere in the Universe?
  • What if there was no disease in this world?

The above is a few of sample “Essay On What If ” ideas. Hope it helps you. Please contact us if you need more ideas on any specified subject or theme related to imaginative essays. Make sure you put a relevant title and enough information in the field for the sake our comprehension. Best of luck in the future!

Article by: Calvert Connel

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