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Top 50 Essay Topics

 of Your Interest to Keep Your Focus Intact On Your Essay To Win You an “A-Grade” or “2:1 Standard”!
  • Are you going in circles with your essay topic ideas that have made you stuck in starting off your essay on time?

  • While seeking for essays topics of your subject you come across with general repetitive ideas that won’t do any good except boring your professor?

  • The more you cogitate on selecting your essay topics, the more time is it taking for you to get started with your assignment making you feel increasingly bored?

What If You Could Have Access to the TOP ESSAY TOPICS IDEAS Related to Top Essay Categories that Includes:

  • 10 Top Illustration Essay Topics
  • 10 Top Controversial Essay Topics
  • 10 Top Persuasive Essay topics
  • 10 Top Cause and Effect essay topics
  • 10 Top Compare and Contrast Essay topics
  • ______________________________________
 = Top 50 Essay Topics

Here follows the spicy part of articles on 50 dynamic ideas related to 5 top essay categories:

10 Top 

Illustration Essay Topics

  • The Economic Downfall of USA
  • Capital Punishment Wipes Out Severe Crimes!
  • The effect of extreme dependency on computers
  • Animals for Research Purposes!
  • The effect of cell phones on health!
  • The effect of violent video games on behavior
  • Alcoholism a disease for mankind!
  • The effect divorce on child’s behavior!
  • The Impact of Religion in a society!
  • The root causes of Global Terrorism!
10 Top 

Controversial Essay Topics

  • Should George Bush be tried for war crimes?
  • Should gay couples be able to marry?
  • Does age matter in relationships?
  • When should parents let teens make their own decisions?
  • Should cigarette smoking be banned?
  • Should the alcoholic drinking age be increased or decreased?
  • Are girls too mean to each other?
  • Should we be assigned homework?
  • Should the government provide healthcare?
  • Do violent video games cause behavior problems?
10 Top 

Persuasive Essay Topics

  • Persuade your mother to go to ______ (country) with your _____ class.
  • Persuade your principal to provide funds for a field trip to ___________.
  • Persuade your friend to join an environmental club with you
  • Persuade a friend to become a volunteer hospital worker
  • Persuade your parents that playing sports will benefit you
  • Convince your teacher that you are too sick to participate in sports for the day
  • Persuade your classmates to follow guidelines for kitchen cleanliness.
  • Persuade your friend to eat a more healthy diet.
  • Persuade your friend to become an organ donor.
  • Persuade your classmates that studying World War I is important
10 Top 

Cause and Effect Essay Topics

  • The effect of Parents, Teacher, or Friend in your life!
  • The Effect of Global Warming
  • The roof cause and global effect of Terrorism
  • The effects of cramming for examination
  • The effects of peer pressure
  • The effects of poverty on individual
  • The effects of racial, sexual, or religious discrimination
  • Why so few students read newspaper?
  • The effects of stress on students in high school or college
  • The increasing Rate of Divorce
10 Top 

Compare and Contrast Essay Topics

  • An Online Class compared to a Traditional Class
  • Two ways Writing Essays: Argumentative & Persuasive
  • Two Pets in the same household
  • Two Perspective on the same place: (morning or night, past and future etc.)
  • Two States of a person’s life
  • Your experience before and after giving up a bad habit
  • The car you own and the car you dream of owning
  • My x-love mate and my current one
  • Two fast food restaurants
  • Infatuation versus love
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