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How To Effectively Brainstorm For Response Essays


What are response essays?

Response essays are increasingly becoming common in colleges; it requires a student to give a response about the question given. Some of the colleges provides supplemental resources on which student have to give a response while some requires them to respond on their prior knowledge about the critical response essay topic.

The most important thing in the writing process of response essays is an effective brainstorming, now let me guide you on how to go through response essay brainstorm.

Create an outline:

Take a pen and paper, craft and outline of your response essay on it. The basic elements of the outline includes; thesis statement and the ideas that will be supporting your stance in the essay.

Construct a thesis statement:

Develop a thesis statement that is sturdy enough to support your essay as a whole and also provide the big picture of it. You can also turn your essay question into a good thesis statement; use this trick craft a good thesis.

Develop ideas:

You need to come up with good ideas to support your argument in response essay, if you have been provided supplementary resources than you will have to take information only from these resources.

Organize your outline:

Now, that you have all the material in hand, organize your outline putting the pieces into the right places. Make sure, its coherent, logical and organized.

Thus, you are done with the brainstorming part of writing a response essay, follow the above told steps and you will end up cultivating a fine critical or literary response essay.


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