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Basic Rules To Follow While Writing A Persuasive Essay


Persuasive essay is all about persuasion and convincing the reader about a particular belief, your main goal is that a reader is fully convinced about your stance after he is done with the reading. Generally, persuasive essays also follows the same rules and regulations as the other types of essays, but there are some things that you need to be careful of, these connotations makes a persuasive essay writing different than others, given below are those important rules.


  • Make sure, your topic sentence persuasive essay writing is an interesting one and it is in a form of a statement.
  • The biggest rule of writing a persuasion essay is that you cannot use your personal opinion in it; rather you have to use good arguments to change the reader’s opinion.
  • When you start writing the introductory paragraph of your persuasive writing essay, make sure it contains at least three to four supporting statements about the persuasive essay topic.
  • It will be better if you will include the latest stats or information supporting your stance in a persuasive essay. You can also ad case studies, historical data etc
  • Often, a writer writes contradictory statements that make a reader confuse about the theme of the essay, so it is better that you make a persuasive essay outline.
  • Use transition in your persuasive essay to make it worth reading.
  • Whatever the result of your overall discussion is, make sure you are not including anything new in your essay.

After reading the above told informational text, you must be clear about what an argumentative persuasive essay is and what are the connotations involved. Go through the preceding rules and write your essay in accordance with it.


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