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How To Evaluate An Essay Question For Law Essay

The basis for any good academic work is the capability to construct good essays. No matter how much you are able or how much you have good writing skills, if you are not able to understand what the instructor is asking you to write, it will be useless. Whether you have been asked to write contract, business, criminal, administrative law essay writing, a student needs to clearly understand the essay question of a law essay.

How to make sure that you understand the law essay questions:
It is very easy for an instructor to twist an essay question to mean what you want to mean it especially when it comes to exams conditions. Therefore, take enough time to understand what the instructor really means and there are two possible ways for this.

  • Signify two elements within the law essays question:

The subject matter – The issues and problems you are being asked to comment on.
The directions – What your instructor is asking you to do with the subject matter. These instructions are classified into two categories; descriptive and analytical. Descriptive directions are the words such as “define” and “outline” requires you to write the essay in your own words. While analytical directions consist of the words like “discuss” or “criticize” demands you to evaluate or analyze something.

For example:
“The reclaims made for the legal profession by court and Legal Services Act 1990 was a non-event”. Discuss

The Subject matter:
The reclaims made for the profession of law made by court and Legal Services Act 1990 was a non-event. In order to answer this question, you need to know what the act stated, what was the purpose for it and its impacts.

The Directions:
Discuss means it fall under the category of analytical directions where you have to analyze it from different point of views.

Thus, the preceding ideas will give you a clear cut guidance to understand the essay question so that you can come up with a good piece of writing.


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