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Illustrative Essay Topics

 of Your Interest That Will Energize Your Mind to Think About Unlimited Examples & Essay Ideas for the Composition of “A-Grade” Essay!
  • Are you in trouble thinking the best illustration essay topics to which you could associate a lot of good examples?

  • You come across with the lots of illustration essay topic ideas but none of them has been proved to be something you have enough interest and information to write about?

  • Whenever you think of selecting a suitable topic of your interest you fear whether that it will interest your professor? After all, it is your professor who is going to mark your essay according to his criteria!

Illustration Essay Topics - 10 Top Topics you can really sink your teeth into!

  • The Economic Downfall of USA
  • Capital Punishment Wipes Out Severe Crimes!
  • The effect of extreme dependency on computers
  • Animals for Research Purposes!
  • The effect of cell phones on health!
  • The effect of violent video games on behavior
  • Alcoholism a disease for mankind!
  • The effect divorce on child’s behavior!
  • The Impact of Religion in a society!
  • The root causes of Global Terrorism!

How to Write An Illustration Essay?

The illustration essay is the most straightforward essay format you will encounter with. It will always be used in your future essays, because all types of essays, whether controversial, persuasive or informative need the support that good illustration provide.

3 Fundamental Tips for Illustrative essay

Tip # 1: Example without a relevant and strong point will never help your essay. Make sure that the example you use in your illustrative essay must support the point you are trying to make.

Tip # 2: Don’t mess your essay by piling on too many examples because that it may affect your transition. A normal academic essay needs no more than four examples to support its thesis statement unless you have been specifically assigned to use only a single extended example (sometimes called a “narrative essay”).

Tip # 3: Lack of an initial thesis statement to give the example or examples some sense of purpose can make a paper self-destruct before you begin. Remember that your thesis statement is not so much arguing a position in the illustrative essay as arguing that a certain condition or phenomenon exits.

Illustration Essay

 – Final Thoughts

It should create spark in the eyes of reader.
The examples used should be widely accepted.
The topic should not be too broad or narrow to tackle in composition.

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