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Top Ten Useful Tips for Passing the AP U.S. History Essay Exam With Flying Colors

Advanced placement history exams are one of the most popular exams in U.S. AP exams comprising of 80% of multiple choice questions which takes 50% of the test paper is while the other half of the test paper comprises of two type of essay. One is standard and the other one is DBQ (Document based).

Following are the top ten tips to pass the AP US history exam paper:

1. Divide your time accordingly:

If you will divide the time, you will get 55 minutes to answer 80 MCQs which will give you around 45 seconds to answer each question. Thereby, you can only spend 45 second on each MCQ. You can even use a pencil, if in case you tick the wrong answer.

2. If you don’t know the answer, it is better to leave it blank:

If you will guess the answer, your score will be impacted by ¼ points and if you will just leave it blank then only 1 point will be deducted from your score. So, it is better to leave it blank rather than ticking the wrong answer.

3. Going through the questions and answer:

Try to look for the words like, except, always or not. Wordings of the answers are very important. In this type MCQs, you are asked to choose the best answer which means more than one answer can be correct.

4. Voice your opinion clearly in your thesis:

Don’t be afraid of voicing your opinion, act as if you have the authority over the subject, take stand about your opinion and state it in your thesis in a very confident manner.

5. Avoid placing incorrect data:

You have to include data and latest stats to prove your stance, but make sure the data you are providing is correct otherwise it will devastate your overall impression on the reader.

6. Stay away from broad questions:

Avoid them as much as you can, as writing broad questions could be very challenging to you. The breadth would require you to have loads of information about the topic and to present it effectively can be little difficult.

7. Document based (DBQ): analyzing the question

Carefully go through every question, spend enough time over it until you get the main essence of the question.

8. Analyzing the documents:

As mentioned earlier, go through the documents and create a judgment about the point of view and the beginning of each document.

9. Utilizing the documents:

It is not necessary to use all the documents in your DBQ answer. Make use of only relevant documents, it is ok to use four documents in your answer.

10. Best AP US history exam tip:

Take full rest before going to for the exam, have a healthy dinner in the night and a healthy breakfast in the morning of the exam day.


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