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Good Topics For Argumentative Essays

 That Will Make Your Transcript Look Good With A Shining ‘A-Grade’ If You Use Them In Your Essay Writing Assignment!

Looking for good topics for argumentative essay you can really sink your teeth into? I receive many mails daily from the students asking, “Can you give me a topic for argumentative essay?”… I always reply them with the advice that the best topic is one that interests you and you’re prepared to research about. A good argumentative essay includes in it a lot of evidence and support (no matter whichever side you go for).

Here follows the list of top 20 Free Argumentative essay topics that are sure to spark some interest:

20 Top Argumentative Essay Topics of Your Interest!

Is Fashion Important? => 20

Are there benefits to attending a single-sex school? => 19

Is religion a cause of conflict between people? => 18

Are female students overly favored by male professors? => 17

Is the college admission too competitive? => 16

Is the college cost too high? => 15

Does SAT put too much pressure on students? => 14

Should students be allowed to grade their teachers? => 13

Should prostitution be legalized? => 12

Does Islam Promote Terrorism? => 11

Should the government provide healthcare? => 10

Should we be assigned homework? => 9

Are girls too mean to each other? => 8

Should the alcoholic drinking age be increased or decreased? => 7

Should cigarette smoking be banned? => 6

Do violent video games cause behavior problems? => 5

When should parents let teens make their own decisions? => 4

Does age matter in relationships? => 3

Should gay couples be able to marry? => 2

Should George Bush be tried for war crimes? => 1

Now once you have a good topic for argumentative essay it means you have opened a gate that leads you to the way of successful argumentative essay writing. Every student is taught 

how to write a argumentative essay

 but few of them know “What to avoid While Writing Argumentative Essay”. Here follows the brief guidelines:

  • Avoid Emotional Language
  • Don’t make up evidence
  • Forget not to cite your sources

I hope the information in the article would help in fulfilling your concerns. Thanks for taking time to read that.


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