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How To Cope With The Difficult Extended Essay



Writing an IB extended essay is not as easy as it seems to be, the major reason why students dislike writing this types of essays is the tiring length of It while there is no standard length for writing extended essays but it is considered to be the longest form of writing under the heading of essays. Most of the colleges recommend at least 4,000 words extended essay, so getting to know the basics of it before actually start writing it would be useful for you.

Basics that you should know before writing an extended essays:


  • It should be at least 3000 words or more.
  • A well done research work is conducted which include both primary and secondary sources.
  • Requires much time on the side of the writer, so give it at least 2 week before the due date.

Now, lets have a look on how to compose extended essays topics:

First, make sure you have decided an extended essay topic that is too broad in it’s scope, so that you can write a lengthy essay without any problem. Such as, Vietnam war, cold war etc
Secondly, make sure you have enough information about IB extended essay topics, if not, than you can easily get the required material on it.
Thirdly, while devising an essay question, you need to make sure that it is neither too specific nor too broad so that you don’t get confuse while writing the extended essays.

For example;


  • How U.S media reacted towards Vietnam War?
  • What were the major consequences of the Cold War?

Lastly, lets discuss how would you conduct a research work for writing extended essays:

Gather as much information about your essay topic as possible, for this purpose, internet can be great source but here you have to be very careful, so before incorporating those idea, make sure they are authentic enough to be used. While you course book can also proved to be very effective for researching about the extended essay topic.


Therefore, if you will read the above guideline for extended essay format, you will surely come up with a commendable essay in some hours.


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