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Essay On Legalization of Prostitution

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Have you been assigned to write an essay on legalization of prostitution and you are going in circles with the scattered ideas to be incorporated in your essay writing task? Don’t worry this article will list down best possible ideas which you can incorporate in your essay using basic outline of the essay. But before all, you need a strong thesis statement to establish the grounds of the arguments.

Thesis Statement On Legalization Of Prostitution

“Legalizing prostitution would be wrong and lead to a lack of governmental control, increased mental disorders of sex workers, and higher rates of organized crime!”

3 Ideas or Arguments For An 

Essay On Legalizing Prostitution


I have selected the 3 great arguments for an essay on legalization of prostitution. You only have to put those ideas separately in an essay format in each paragraph. The best way to approach your each paragraph is to:

  • Introduce your specific argument
  • Explain your argument
  • Give supportive evidence (this is where quotes go!)
  • Explain the relation of points and evidence to your thesis statement.

Argument #1:

It would be impossible for the government to control every aspect that comes in the way of legalizing prostitution. That may be documentation or the registration process of sex workers, incapability to restrain own law enforcement agents or health problems far enough to be controlled!

Argument #2:

Laws that justify legalization of prostitution to protect women’s health fail to address the psychological harmful effect of prostitution. Farley, Melissa. Is Prostitution Psychologically Harmful to Prostitutes? 2007. 1 May 2008 <https://www.prostitutionprocon.org/questions/psychological.htm>.

Argument #3:

Legalization of Prostitution would result in higher rates of organized crime like trafficking, illegal sex working, negative exploitation of pimps to “fame” their sex workers etc.

If you make a good research on the above three arguments and follow the basic format of the essay then you will definitely come up with the excellent essay to impress your teacher. Thanks for taking your time to increase your knowledge!

Article By: Calvert Connel

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