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Some Features of Descriptive Essay

Essay descriptive are the most frequent type essays that are assigned to the students, these essays involves a vivid sketch of a person, image, object, event or place etc. This can prove to be an easy task to do as there are no personal comments included in the descriptive essay. But, sometimes it can be difficult as well because you have to constantly engage a reader in the essay requiring an interesting description from your side.

So, before you start descriptive essay writing, I suggest you to read the given feature of a good descriptive essay so that you can easily handle your assignment.


When you are describing something to a reader, why not include the facts pertinent to it so that a reader founds your information credible and interesting. This will engage a reader into your descriptive essay till the end.


This is perhaps the most important element of writing descriptive essays, whether you are giving descriptive details of a person, place or thing. You need to provide a full sketch of it, for example; if it is about a person then you will have to write his or her physical attributes as well along with his qualities.


If you have to write descriptive essay that is related to a place you can at first highlight the importance of geographical and geopolitical situation of that place. For example; if you are writing about a resort you can underline the good climatic conditions plus the travelling facilities. It can also take a form of a travelogue which can involve any adventurous experience by the author.

Therefore, the above told are some features that are most of the time incorporate in a descriptive essay, so you can also make them a useful weapon to make your descriptive writing essay more interesting.

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