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Qualities Of A Good Definition Essay


If you have been assigned to write a definition essay in your school or college, then a word of advice here is kindly first understand what is definition essay all about and what are the basic requirements or qualities of a good definition essays is.

What is definition essay?

Writing a definition essay involves defining an abstract concept into more specific one, it is a more detail form of definition of any object, material, term etc.

Qualities of a good definition essay:

Following are some of the utmost requirements of a good definition essay:
You should have to make sure your definition essay thesis statement has the following characteristics:


  • Is it specific and clear?
  • Is it unified?
  • Is it brief enough to be understood?
  • Is it a debatable assertion?
  • Is relevant and involves interesting words?


Does your definition essay involve examples in order to improve the credibility of your essay?

How well you have analyzed your examples, like how pertinent are those examples; how it is supporting the theme of the definition essay. Only a part of your definition essay should be giving the synopsis of the definition essay topic while rest of the essay should be spent discussing the strengths and weaknesses of it.

What is the level of logical progression of your definition essay? You should have to analyze what is the flow of all the paragraphs in the essay while also checking if it is logically inter related with each other or not.

Finally, you have to make sure if your essay has clearly defined the essay topic and that you haven’t made yourself confused about it. Follow an outline so that you reach a conclusion based on sound deduction.

In a nutshell, go through the above told basic requirements on writing definition essay, so that you can understand what definition essay all about is?


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