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How to write a compelling DARE essay!

What is DARE?

DARE is an abbreviation for Drug Abuse Resistance Education , it is all about keeping youngsters away from drugs, DARE classes basically teaches you how Drugs can devastate your lives.

Now, let’s find out how to write DARE essay

How to write an effective DARE essays

Craft the main idea you want to convey through your DARE essay:

By crafting the main idea, we mean to set a theme for the essay such as, how drug is destroying young generation, the theme you will decide will be then elaborated in the essay.

Collect the DARE material:

DARE material includes the fact sheets, handout or any good resources from you can get handful information on DARE. If you already have collected all the material then highlight the important facts out of them.

Do not forget to include examples from daily life:

To include an example or a short story is the best way to grab the attention of the reader. You can either tell your story, how drugs impacted your life and how you struggled to get out of it. Or, if you know anybody’s drug related story from your family, relatives or friends etc then use it in your DARE essay.

Devise an Outline for your essay:

Creating outline or plan gives you a road to follow plus it keeps you on track. It will also help to maintain transition between the paragraphs. It can be made on a rough paper or computer etc wherever you like.

Time to start writing your essay:

As you have enough data and an outline for your DARE essay, now it’s time to get started. Decide a title for your DARE essay, that should be compelling enough. Then start writing your first paragraph which will state the main idea of your DARE essay. All the coming paragraphs will explain in the detail the main them of the essay. Give it a sturdy conclusion summarizing the entire essay in some short sentences.

DARE essay is usually very personal as it contains examples from our lives so it will need more of your attention and feelings. Also by following the above guideline, your good grades are guaranteed.


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