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Critical Thinking Essay Writing Skills


One of the most essential essay for which higher education students writing skills are being tested is a critical thinking essay. As critical thinking essays involve philosophical thoughts; therefore, the students have to be very precise and concise in delivering their critical thoughts effectively. Students should have their expertise on the following 3 writing skills in order to write critical thinking essays:


  • Gathering Crucial Points: Students would be able to gather the main points for their essay if they have command on the followin
  • Facts: Collecting information which is true and reliable.
  • Claims: Developing strong propositions in order to explain the topic of an essay.
  • Presuppositions: Implication of facts, principles and arguments
  • Evidence: Be able to come with the proofs that support the hypothetical claims.
  • Argument: Developing arguments which should be comprised of reasons that support the conclusions. The reasons include evidence, principles, assumptions & logical inferences while conclusion includes facts, judgments and recommendations.
  •  Theory: Be able to explain the entire topic. For e.g. if the topic is “French Revolution”; the students should explain its origin, development, outcome and importance with the help of arguments and knowledge altogether.
  • Rhetoric: Deliver the points in a way that pursue and communicate the ideas effectively.
  • Utilizing the primary and secondary sources efficiently: All primary and secondary sources would help students to analyze the facts, theories and historical evidences regarding their critical thinking essay topics crafted by people in the past:. Here is the list of core primary and secondary sources that the students should make use of in order to explore their writing skills while writing a critical thinking essay:

Primary Sources:


  • Journals
  • Letters
  • Sculptures
  • Poems

Secondary Sources:


  • Books
  • Articles
  • Essays
  • Documentaries
  • Critical Analysis: It involves the critical questions that students have to answer in order to come up with strong critical thinking essays> The question may be as follow:
  • What should I say about the topic?
  • Which is the best for me to approach my critical thinking essay?
  • How can I craft a good thesis for my essay?
  • How should I relate my thesis with main points of my essay?
  • How should I list down the facts to explore the big picture?
In a nutshell, there are loads of elements that the students should incorporate in order to justify their critical thinking essay writing skills efficiently.


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