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How To Come Up With Outstanding Critical Essays


If you are studying at the college or university level than you must be asked to write critical essays, you have to write an essay that will need your critical reception towards a subject also outlining the strong and weak points of the author’s argument. To do this, you also need to know the basic procedure to write critical essay, let us discuss it now:

Going through the pre-writing procedure:


  • Print the article that you will be reviewing.
  • Read the article again and again to grasp the idea behind the article.
  • Highlight the information on which you will be focusing more in your critical writing essay, so that your time is saved in the end.
  • Craft the arguments, note down on which points you agree with the author and on which points you disagree.
  • Go for the peer-reviewed articles, libraries; check what critics have said about your subject of critical essays.

Going through the writing procedure:

  • Go back to your notes and on the basis of the highlighted points, craft an outline for your critical essay. It can be a rough work, but it will help you come up with organized critical essays in no time.
  • Make a rough draft of your analytical essays in accordance with the outline you have created, make sure you have incorporated in it, that are:


  • Thesis.
  • Argumentation.
  • Conclusion.
  • Time to do a deep review of your critical essay writing, read it again and again to trace out the flaws if any. Also check for the grammatical, logical and syntactical errors to make your analytical essay more perfect.
Write your citation at the end of the writing analytical essay that will be depending on what your professor has suggested you to.


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