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How to write a persuasive criminal justice essay?


When it comes to criminal justice essay writing, the student should be very proficient in selection of words. Whether it’s about thesis statement, opening sentence or supporting ideas, the students should be able to compile their ideas in such a way that they serve as attention grabbers for the readers. Therefore, the best way to write persuasive criminal essays should be visualization of concepts in an organized manner:


Here is the structure that any student should follow while writing a persuasive criminal justice essay:

Introduction: The introduction of criminal justice essays deal with two major statements; they are:


Opening statement: An opening statement should clearly depict the thought that students want to convey the reader. Thesis statement: The thesis statement should cover the central idea of the essay in 1 or 2 sentences.


Body Paragraphs: You should at least make 3 arguments regarding the thesis statement of your essay in each paragraph separately. Each argument that support your body paragraphs must incorporate the following 3 elements:


  •  Objective of your argument
  • Topic sentence that support your argument
  • Facts and evidences to prove your arguments

Conclusion: Restating the main idea of your essay and arguments briefly in such manner that a synopsis is formed that refers to your thesis statement. That’s the best way to form conclusions for persuasive criminal justice essays.


In short, you should perform a preliminary research first regarding your essay topic; only then you should follow the preceding structure to write your criminal justice essay. An ideal way to test the preceding structure would be that you select any topic on criminal justice for e.g. “Insanity Defense”; then you should follow the preceding structure to write your essay. Why not try it by yourself now?


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