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Free Computer Essay Topics on Security and Technology


Modern era is the age of technology and one gift that technology has given to us is computer. Although, computer is a gift but students usually get perturbed when their teachers assigned them to write computer essays since they have to choose among thousands of topics to write a computer essay. There are loads of topics to write an essay on computers but the question arises: Which one is the best? 


To decide the best essays on computer, the students should first realize what purpose computer serves for. It would not only aid students to pick up the best topic for their essays on computers but also aid them a lot in develop strong arguments for their computers essay. Whether you have been asked to write a computer security essay or essay on computer technology, here are the free essay topics that you can choose:




  • Artificial Neural Network (ANN)
  • Stealth Virus
  • Cyber Bullying
  • FireWire vs USB
  • How has computer contributed towards advancement of Medicine?




  • The headaches of Spam
  • The security of Computers within a Business
  • Internet Anonymity Software
  • Internet Trojan vs The Virus
  • How to specialize in Online Security?


Last but not least, you can choose any of the preceding topics to write essays about computers since each of these topics holds loads of points that you can discuss regarding your essays for computers.


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