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All You Need To Know About Commonwealth Essay Competition


People from round the world are invited to participate in commonwealth essay competition every year. The Royal Common Wealth Society has been organizing this popular international project for over 100 years. The competition gives an opportunity to the international students to let their voices being heard regarding critical issues on a global platform through their commonwealth essay.


Here is all that you need to know about commonwealth essay competition:


Who is Eligible? Commonwealth citizens of 18 years of age or younger.


How many classes are in the competition? There are 4 types of classes involved to participate in the competition with respect to age groups and word count for commonwealth essay. They are:


  • Class A: 16-18 years. (Word Count: 1400-1750)
  • Class B: 14-15 years. (Word Count: 1200-1500)
  • Class C: 12-13 years. (Word Count: 500-700)
  • Class D: Under 12 years. (Word Count: 300-600)
What does the competition promote? Literacy, academic excellence, encouragement, ethics, humanitarian values, awareness and creativity. What are the benefits that commonwealth competition provides? The competition provides you an opportunity to win cash prizes, meet famous authors, film directors, producers or attend workshops.


Themes of the competitions: The theme of the competition may vary on yearly basis. The themes for 2010 were Science, Technology & Society. Here are a few topics with reference to the theme for 2010 commonwealth essay competition:


  • What technological invention(s) would most improve life in your community? (Technology)
  • The mad scientist. (Science)
  • Is your generation wiser than your grandparents’ generation? (Society)
In a nutshell, that was all that you need to know about to enter a commonwealth essay competition. However, the themes and benefits that Royal Commonwealth Society offers you may change on yearly basis.


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