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How to Write an Anti Human Cloning Essay?


Have your teacher assigned you to write an essay on cloning? Are you struggling to write an inspirational opening sentence for your cloning essay? Or though, you are much educated about human cloning but you have been assigned to write an anti human cloning essay! You shouldn’t worry about your cloning essays assignment. All that you need for your anti human cloning essays are some ideas. Here are some ideas for you:


Idea # 1: You may ask an introductory question to the audience regarding your essays on cloning to catch the attention of your audience. Example: What was the ethics behind the first human embryo clone?


Idea # 2: You should give a strong and valid argument to support the thesis statement of your anti human cloning essay. Example:Cloning is a moral problem as much as technical problem. It is just like playing with nature for no reason”.


Idea # 3: You should support your thoughts against human cloning with adequate evidences. An ideal way to justify that human cloning is wrong would be the use of Book of Genesis in lights of the verses quoted in its Sec 2:6 and 2:8:


God entrusts humans with dominion over the animals, but humans are never told to have the same kind of dominion over other humans”.


Idea # 4: You should highlight the fact that even if a super human being is made by cloning; even then human cloning would be a problem. Example: “If a super human being is made through cloning; then there would exist no genetic need for men”.


Idea # 5: Your conclusion should cover each and every point that you have discussed in your cloning essay persuasively. Example: “Human cloning is a worst sin which should be banned as cloning is not only against the religion but also against the morality”.


You would have understood that how easily you can generate ideas and write an anti human cloning essay by following up a thorough research.


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