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Revision checklist for writing classification essays

You cannot just sit on your hands after writing classification essays, rather you need to proofread your classification essay again and again t o make sure there is no flaw left in it. For this purpose, we are providing you with the revision checklist to guide you revise your classification essays in some minutes.

  • First, go through the introduction; see if you are clearly classifying the subject?
  • Are the opening sentences of your classification essay are creating interest for the readers or not.
  • Each of your body paragraphs is beginning with a topic sentence portraying specific details about the subject.
  • Are each of the topic sentence is being supported by relevant facts, figures and details.
  • Is your essay keeping a logical and coherent tone or not?
  • Is your classification essay making a clear distinction between the different styles and approaches?
  • Have you got rid of unimportant and unnecessary information out of the classification essay?
  • Are the paragraphs of your classification essay goes through a flow and have you used enough transition sentences.
  • What is your classification essay conclusion is saying, is it properly emphasizing on the importance of classification or is it recommending one style or approach over the other.
  • Is your classification essay writing properly structured or the sentence structure can be further improved?
  • Are you essaying tone clear and understandable?

Have you proofread your essay by reading it aloud?

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