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How To Write Cause And Effect Essay


As the name suggests, cause and effects essay has to do with describing the cause and to present the effects of that particular cause. This essay is all about discussing the “WHAT” and “Why” of the situation, first we explain what has been caused, its reasons? Than we briefly summarize what were the impacts of the cause.
Before, you jump into the pool of writing cause and effect essays; you need to determine what the main difference between cause and effect. Usually, there are two types of situation;


  • Once single cause leading to multiple effects.
  • Multiple causes leading to single effect.
  • Chain pattern.


Introduction will give the main idea of the whole cause and effect essay topic, which will be consisting of the background + thesis statement. Here, you will also tell the reader whether you would be discussing only the causes or effect or both of them.

Body paragraphs:

The body paragraphs will discuss in details about the cause and effects essay topic, in case of multi causes or multiple effects, you can define them step by step in separate paragraphs.

For example;

Single cause and multiple effects:


Cigarette smoking



  • It can lead to lung cancer.
  • It can also lead to oral cancer.
  • It can create problem for the people around who are not even smoking.

Multiple causes and single effect:


Polluted environment



  • Factories releasing poisonous gases.
  • Sewage water mixing into natural water bodies.
  • Wastage into sea.

Chain pattern:

This is a type of cause and effect essay writing in which there is a chain reaction for once cause, like deforestation will lead to disappearance of forests to decrease rainfall to arid region etc


In the end, you have to conclude your essay in an effective manner which should finally convince the reader of the causes and the effects in you cause and effect essay conclusion.
Therefore, I hope you must have gone through the cause and effect essay outline given above which will surely help you go through the exams with flying colors.


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