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How to Write a Thesis Statement for Anne Frank Essay!

Are you going in circles to write an effective thesis statement for Anne Frank essays? 

You have to submit it tomorrow and you haven’t even started yet?

So whatever is the case, now you don’t have to worry about it. Just follow the guidelines and you will end up with an awe-inspiring thesis statement for essay on Anne Frank.

What is thesis statement?

It is a statement in the essay which will be defended by the writer in coming paragraphs; it will include all the points that will be supported by you with the help of facts, examples and evidences. Basically thesis statement provides an outline for the reader for your whole formal essay.

Thereby, while writing the thesis statement for your Anne Frank essay, you need to make sure of two things:

  • Your thesis statement for your Anne Frank essay should make a claim.
  • It should not contain your opinion.

Thesis statement ideas for Anne Frank essay:

At first, you need to select a theme from Anne Frank: The diary of a young girl, for example.

  • Adversity of living in a war.
  • Believe and hope in future and humanity.
  • Getting or not getting along in hiding.
  • Life in hiding.
  • Growing up in hiding and its challenges.

Now, develop a thesis statement reflecting the main theme you have selected while giving some reasons why this is the main theme of the book.

For example:

“The exemplary story of Anne Frank shows us that hope and dream can pass you through the hardships of life as you are provided with a reason to keep moving forward”

“Anne Frank was a bright young girl who inspires many of us today and has made us aware of the crimes crushing humanity”

“Anne Frank’s diary is the story of a young Jewish girl hiding from the Nazis, she spent her childhood as a prison in concentration camps, when the secret annex- her family’s hiding place was raided”

“Jewish girl, Anne Frank spent two years hiding from the Nazis when the World War II was going on. The book “Anne Frank: The diary of a young girl” basically explains her story of bravery and courage throughout her life”

Thereby, you must have noticed that the theme given above has been used in every thesis statement examples. So, while writing a thesis statement, keep in mind the above key points.


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