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"As a man lives and thinks, so will he write."
John Galsworthy (1867-1933).

Are you one of those who are looking to write an essay on “How to Improve My Writing Skills” but still unaware of the writing skills required to write that Essay?

It’s like asking a new driving student to practically teach the people how to drive a car, isn’t it?

Don’t know about the ideas to be incorporated in an essay on “how to improve my writing skills” because you need to have improved writing skills for this purpose?

It’s like asking a person who does not know the teaching skills to teach the class how to improve the teaching skills … Right?

Don’t be confused because the moment you get to know the purpose of this essay all your confusions will be gone and you will be in your way to write an excellent essay on “How to Improve My Skills”.

The Purpose of this essay is to basically let you get the desired knowledge of writing skills and incorporate them in to your essay to teach you:


  • To write anything on any topic of any word-count.
  • To realize the writing problems and how to overcome them.
  • To organize the content clearly and flawlessly complimenting the topic.

How to take assistance from this article?


This article is an ultimate guide for a student who wants to write an essay on “How to improve my writing skills”. Many students must have searched the information with the key phrases “ways to improve your writing skills” for their essays. Here I m not going to give you that particular information but I shall simply guide you the way whereby you can easily incorporate those scattered information (that is easily available on internet) in a well-organized essay properly. All you have to do is to research for the relevant information in response to the questions the answers to which constitutes the whole of an essay.


Interrogative guidelines to write an 

essay on how to improve my writing skills


The Introduction:

Interrogative Questions


  • Why do you need to write?
  • When do you face problem while writing?
  • How are you going to give solution of your problem?



  • Start with a quotation of a famous writer in regard of writing skills.
  • Give some points in general about the importance of writing.
  • Referring to yourself, identify some major problems people usually face while writing.
  • Mention all the main ideas in regard of the improvement of writing skills that you are going to talk about in the body paragraphs

The Introduction:

Interrogative Questions


  • Why people get stuck while writing?
  • What are the steps or points to be considered to improve the writing skills?
  • What has other famous writers said about this issue?


  • Pick 3 or more major ideas to be discussed separately in each body paragraphs with at least 1 reference of a quote of any famous writer in context for each idea.
  • Elaborate each idea with the reasons of its existence and then give the solution.



Interrogative Questions


  • What is crux of the issue?
  • What is the brief synopsis of your main ideas and points?


  • Round of your essay by summing up with the most important issue people have been ignoring about.
  • Restate the most important solution of the problem briefly.
  • Close the essay with a beautiful conclusive quotation (optional)
This is how you can complete your essay writing task in minutes just by searching the answers of above questions. If you find it difficult to search for the relevant details then contact us. We’ll provide you with 
free lessons in how to improve writing skills in English
 for the sake of academic assistance. Wish you best of luck!


Article by: Dr. Calvert Connel


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