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Step by Step Guideline for Writing Synthesis Essays

Synthesis essay deals with presentation of your ideas in combination with ideas from other writers or sources. Students have to conduct research from books, journals and internet to gather ideas for writing synthesis essays. After performing research, students have to develop a thesis reflecting their original idea about subject from the gathered information. 

In order to assist students in writing their synthesis essays, here is a step by step guideline for them:

Step 1

Pre Writing: You should collect sources dealing with the subject matter of your synthesis essay and learn the viewpoint of others regarding your essay topic. You should examine arguments of others in favor or against the issue and summarize your findings in points. Doing this will definitely help you to formulate your thesis statement.    

Step 2

Brainstorming: You should brainstorm for ideas and list down the ideas that you have gathered through brainstorming in points.  

Step 3

Introduction: You have to present combined idea about the subject to your readers in form of a thesis statement. You should give least two supporting sentences in favor of your thesis with each topic sentence reflecting one idea of your thesis. 

Step 4

Body Paragraphs: The body paragraphs of your essay should be an extension to the topic sentences that you have provided in support of your thesis statement. You have to provide facts and give your opinion about subject matter of your body; ultimately, you will prove your standpoint.
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