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Get Exceptionally Good Grades By Writing a Perfect Literary Essay In Just Few minutes!

Many times students don’t realize the importance of writing and organized literary essay and when they get bad marks, they feel very bad. Therefore, we will be providing you the secret techniques to come up with great literary essay in few minutes!

 Literary Essays Usually Has Three Parts:

  • Introduction
  • Body
  • Conclusion

Proving Your Stance In A Literary Essay:

You have to make sure that you are supporting your interpretation of a literary work in your essay; these essays don’t depend on opinion but based on logical evidences. Primarily, there are two types of sources used in a literary analysis essay.

Primary Sources:

In some assignments, a writer is required to deal with the primary sources only. A primary source is the work that is being interpreted. For example; Hamlet essay will be using Hamlet as the primary source.

Secondary Sources:

Sometimes, assignment requires secondary sources – these are the sources written about the primary sources or the specific issue being discussed in a literary essay. For example; an essay on Hamlet will be using articles, books, reference works and videos about Shakespeare, literature, Hamlet or other pertinent topics in order to support the interpretations.

Now, Comes The Introduction Part:

It will announce your purpose of writing the essay, it has two parts; the subject – what is the main purpose of writing a literary essay. The Attitude- what are you saying about the subject.

For example;

Irony and characterization in “A Good Man Is Hard To Find” helps to convey the O’ Conner’s theme that we should at first be a good human being rather point out our fingers at others.
The Body of the Literary Essay:

The body allows the writer to develop a theme for the essay by at least providing two points to support the interpretation which will be further elaborated in the coming body paragraphs. Make sure, the first sentence of your essay body is supporting part of the thesis; this is called as topic sentences.

Developing the topic sentence:

Topic sentence also has a subject and the attitude, if we take the example of the above told thesis

Irony and characterization in “A Good Man Is Hard To Find” helps to convey the O’ Conner’s message that we should at first be a good human being rather pointing out our fingers at others”.

If we extract the topic sentence from the above thesis statement, it would be something like this:

O’Conner has used characterization to unveil the hypocrisy of the grandmother while irony is another way of describing how people’s attitude and action reveal their true self.

Developing the Body Paragraphs:

  • Now, define you’re the literary terms you have used in the topic sentence, like irony and characterization. For this, you can also concern your class material first.
  • Explain your point to the readers, how characterization depicts hypocrisy?
  • Provide one or two references to the literature in order to portray where you see this played out. Best way to do this is quoting and summarizing.

Developing the Conclusion:

  • First Element: Ideally it is the restatement of the thesis, it doesn’t mean that you copy paste the statement as it is but it is restated to remind your readers of the overall theme of the literary essay.
  • Second Element: You will have to tell the readers that why your interpretations is unique and important.

Now, that you know how to write a literary a essay, I am sure you will be getting good grades in your exams.

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