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5 Rules Of Writing 5 Paragraph Essay


There are various kinds of essays, from descriptive to 5 paragraph persuasive essay, one should know how to write is effectively but no one will guarantee you that your instructor would like your essay or not. All you have to do is find the best way for writing an essay and put your best into it.

Writing a 5 paragraph narrative essay will also require a lot of effort from your side, although it’s a short one as compared to the other essays but this needs a proper structure to write. Here, we are encapsulating five rules for 5 paragraph essay writing.

There Are Five Parts Of 5 Paragraph Essay Outline, Which Are:


  • Introduction
  • Body paragraph number one
  • Body paragraph number two
  • Body paragraph number three
  • Conclusion


This is basically an opening statement so it should be well written and interesting to grab the attention and force the readers to continue reading the essay. This can either start with a pertinent quote or any short anecdote. Once you are done with, write some background about the topic then come to the crux of the issue that is your thesis statement. Make sure your thesis statement is the last thing in your introductory paragraph.

Body Paragraph No. 1:

First Body paragraph of your essay 5 paragraph should begin with a transitional sentence which can lead to the first supporting evidence of your five paragraph essay topic. Your evidence should be associated with a single theme and should be in quotations. This can be counted as a mini-thesis statement, make sure you are giving your evidences in s single paragraph otherwise it will all look to confusing.

Body Paragraph No.2:

Pick the second theme and explain it in few sentences which would be leading to the supporting evidences. In short, it will also follow the first body paragraph’s rule.

Body Paragraph No.3:

Again, you have to follow the rules of the rules of above told paragraphs, make sure you are starting the body paragraph number three with a transitional sentence as well.



5 paragraph essay conclusion is where you will wrap up your work and tells the readers that what you were saying was right. As they are fully convinced now, end your work stating once again that you were right about the essay topic.


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