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Essay Topics


What If You Could Get 1, 2, or even 3 Interesting & Good Essay Topics In Less Than 3 Hours?

??? how quickly can you start your essay writing and be the first one amongst your class mates to submit your essay ???

  • Have you just received the dreaded essay assignment, and you’re staring at a blank sheet of paper? Your mind is blank and you have no idea how to find 

    good essay topics

     to write about…
  • Are you going in circles in selecting an interesting essay topic for your hectic essay writing task because every time you come up with an essay topic you get distracted by rush of garbage ideas!
  • Has your mind got irritated thinking good topics for an essay because once you go after an essay topic you feel that you don’t have enough information to cover the subject?
8 Reasons Students Fail To Select an 

Interesting Essay Topic

 That Deprive Them To Get an “A-Grade”!


  1. Lack of Available Information
  2. Lack of Analytical skills
  3. Lack of Motivation
  4. Lack of Concentration
  5. Lack of Background Knowledge
  6. Lack of Clarity
  7. Lack of Specific Approach
  8. Lack of Uniqueness

I receive hundreds of e-mails daily in which students enquire about essay topics help and after analyzing thousands of them I have been able to come up with ABOVE Top 8 Reasons that are the core obstacles in the way of Good Essay Topics selection…

Two Of Those E-Mails are As Under:

From: Sohail Anwar <***_****@gmail.com>

Date: Fri, Jan 13, 2009 at 12:29 AM


college essay topics


To: Calvert Connel <calvert.connel@gmail.com>

The purpose of this email is to ask you for the best college application essay topic. I have searched a lot over internet but I have not been able to come up with a topic that is unique and interesting! Please reply me ASAP!


From: Emma Steward <***_****@yahoo.com>
Date: Fri, Feb 02, 2009 at 10:24 PM
Subject: topics for an illustration essay?
To: Calvert Connel <calvert.connel@gmail.com>

I m doing my masters in political science…. I have to write a 5-pages illustration essay….can u help with a good topic for an illustration essay related to the subject of political science? I’d be grateful to u if u kindly give a resource information about the topic background for my ease…



You are One Of Those Fortunate Students Who Have A Limited-Time Chance To Get 3 FREE Interesting, Good Essay Topics (Value  £29.95, yours FREE) According To Your Essay Specifications in Less Than 3 Hours Just By Sending Us An E-mail…

Yes This Is 101% True!

After Receiving Thousands of Mails From Students Asking Me To Assist Them With Essay Topics That:

  • Are more likely to cover their limited knowledge and available information!
  • Are not ambiguous!
  • Could be easily dealt with specific approach!
  • Are unique and not over-used!
  • Could be easy for the Students and Readers to analyze!
  • Could develop interest & motivation in students for a Masterpiece composition!
  • Could keep students engrossed with its theme without losing concentration!
  • Could spark enough background knowledge applied to any student!

I have decided to launch a remarkable service that no one in this world is offering you online!

Before I tell you how to get your free list of 3 essay topics (Value $29.95, yours FREE) according to your specifications, I’d prefer giving you away the precious list of 15 Top High School and College Essay Topics sparked in the real testimonials of students:



Discover How a High-School Student Got 3 Top
Illustration Essay Topics In Less Than 3 Hours…

(Read Her Experience in Her Own Words)

Hi… Thanks for giving away such a valuable service for free and in return this is what I can give to you in the form of testimonial… Yes, it was no doubt a miserable time for me when I was assigned to write an illustration essay. I could not really drill down the ideas that could lead to the best possible examples to be illustrated in the paper.

Every time I go for a topic, I found that to be either over-used or too broad to be covered. I wanted something that should be “Hot” in the current affairs.

Fortunately, I suddenly came on your page while wandering all over the internet with fruitless results. I could not believe your service to be true in regard of being “FREE” but I hopelessly put a query in your contact form for assistance. Just after 2 hours and 30 minutes of my query, I was responded with the following diamond topics that were and still are “Hot” in regard of Current Affairs:

  1. The Economic Downfall of USA
  2. Capital Punishment Wipes Out Severe Crimes!
  3. Alcoholism, a disease for mankind!

The good parts of the above topics are they are not too specific to be elaborated nor are they too broad to be covered and moreover they are most updated! I’d advice all of the students to take advantage of this limited-time free offer, as I was told it may not be available after couple of months!


Monica (High School – Student)
Streatham, London


Discover the Experience of an ESL Student Who Sought Help For
3 Top Controversial Essay Topics And Was Helped Like a Blind Who Has Been Blessed With Sight!


Hey, I am an ESL for whom the composition thing is a nightmare. I was assigned to write a controversial essay for my term paper and the only time I had left was 3 days. I was doing nothing but staring at the blank paper, thinking where to start and what to write?

I was advised by mates to buy a custom essay paper from your service but I always wanted to learn to write! But my struggle of learning composition in regard of essay writing was going in vain until I realized from your “Free Topics Service” that the base of every composition is its topic. It was the topic selection that I had always lacked in! That could be well-understood if people come to know what I wrote in the description box of my
topics request form. I didn’t even specify a particular subject but asked for something that could be interesting for me and my teacher. Even with such a vague description, I was responded within 4 hours of my quest for help. Here follows the topics:

  1. Should George Bush be tried for war crimes?
  2. Should gay couples be able to marry?
  3. Does age matter in relationships?

All the above topics spark great interest in my mind and the same goes for my teachers also. I selected “Does age matter in relationships” and composed something that even I myself could never ever imagined of! I was blessed with 2:1 standard for the first time in my life!


Raheel Hussain - Wales


Discover How a Student Make An Order For a Custom Essay Having Been Persuaded By FREE Top 3 Persuasive Essay Samples!

Your Persuasive Essay Topics have really persuaded me to write a complimentary testimonial for your remarkable Free Service. Let me be straight and sorry for being mean to the academic morality if concerned! I hate composition (except of writing love letters) and I have always bought essay & research papers from different services for the past couple of years. But my past experiences with most of the writing services were not that good when it comes to quality and delivery.

I came on to your writing service to check if it is credible enough to fulfill my concerns when it comes to custom paper quality. What I found was a compelling sales page and some internal pages with tons of information particularly in the resource center. While I was viewing your site pages I came on to your “Free Essay Topics Service” where I feel that this could be the good criteria to judge your credibility. I took no time to put “Free Essay Topics Request” for a persuasive essay to check if you are true in your claim of providing quality service “FREE OF COST”.  The next day I was amused to see the response that was sent several hours before my checking of the mail. Here is what I got:

  1. Persuade your mother to go to ______ (country) with your _____ class.
  2. Persuade your principal to provide funds for a field trip to ___________.
  3. Persuade your parents that playing sports will benefit you.

Impressive! Then I did what I had planned to do. I just put an order for a custom paper and let them decide one of the above topics for my composition! I’ll advice to grab this offer not today but immediately! :)

Robert James



Discover the Cause of Academic Success of Misty Jackob by The Effect of Top 3 Cause & Effect Essay Topics!!!


Hi… This is Misty Jackob who was assigned a cause and effect essay in college. I researched a lot over internet to find out a good essay topic for cause & effect essay but I could really present an event, phenomenon or trend as a “cause” factor in my essay based on limited and contradictory information available. Then I gave up my vain efforts of searching material over internet and decided to get assistance from UK essay writing service. Thanks to Google, it took me to your website. I put my inquiry through contact us page to know if the service could fulfill my requirements. I was really amazed to see the response just within the 10 minutes of my inquiry in which I was optionally offered to even avail a Free Service of Essay Topic consultation.

I just went for that offer and was sent a list of 3 Top cause and effect essay topics. Here follows the list that I got:

  1. The effect of Parents, Teacher, or Friend in your life!
  2. The Effect of Global Warming
  3. The effects of stress on students in high school or college

One can determine from the above topics that it helps the writer explain the background of the cause in significant detail so the reader may understand the basis of your paper. Eventually, I was so impressed with the service that I could not help asking the custom writing service to deliver a custom written essay for me on the topic of “The effects of stress on students in high school or college” considering my hectic stress :)… Thanks for helping me with my project.

Misty Jackob - Manchester


Discover How Even a Well-Studious Student Preferred To Get Help By Receiving 3 Top Compare & Contrast Essay Topics From Our Free Topic Consultation Service

Well… I will keep it brief and simple. A part from boasting, I have been “A-Grade” student throughout my academic life and the only reason behind is the “urge” to learn from my teachers and self-research. I was just searching for good and interesting essay topics for compare and contrast essay and suddenly came on to your “Free Topic Consultation Page”. At first, I did not believe it to be authentic even though I went for putting a query with curiosity. Within 3 hours I was sent the following topics according to prescribed description:

  1. An Online Class Compared To A Traditional Class
  2. Your Experience Before And After Giving Up A Bad Habit
  3. Infatuation Versus Love

It really sparked my eyes since there is no service online which is offering the students such a valuable service FREE OF COST! I’d advice all the students get benefit from this service for learning concerns. Thanks!

Lovelle – New York!



To Get Your FREE List of Essay Topics, Just Follow These THREE Simple Steps:

Step-1: Go to our “Contact Us” Page

Step-2: Write “Free Essay Topics” in the subject line and in the “description box” write a few details about the background of your subject that can help us in framing your essay topic.

Hit “Submit” button!

That’s it!!! And in maximum 3 to 5 hours, we’ll email you the list of Free Good Essay Topics!


You Have To Act Now To Grab This Offer.

It has taken a lot of convincing to my team of essay writing coaches and writers to give this remarkable service for FREE of Cost. We could've easily charged somewhere around 25-35 GBP per hour to offer Essay Topics Help, but I seriously wanted to deliver a valuable service to you that will actually make your miserable academic life better.

So here it is, but not without a few restrictions. I will only give FREE Topics to students who reach me before the end of Aug 2010

So get your act together and click here to send me an e-mail now to get your free essay topics before this offer expires


Call us at (44) 207 9797145 between 11:00 A.M. to 3:00 A.M. and our friendly customer support will be happy to help you.


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