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  • Sample College Essays helps you get a very real idea of the time, dedication and skills necessary to write an excellent essay for your college application!
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Sample Essay Outline

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  1. Thesis Statement:

    *Clear Presentation of Essay Theme
    *Specific Enough To Achieve The Scope of Essay!
    *Focused and Supported Through Out The Essay!
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    *Both Match Each Other
    *Both Have Consistent Ideas
    *Both Are Clear and Prevent The Chance of Reader’s confusion.
  3. Organization:

    *Logical Presentation of Ideas
    *Smoot Connection B/W Main-points
    *Clear Connection B/W Main-Points & Thesis
  4. Topic Sentences:

    *Clear Statement of an Idea That Supports the Whole Paragraph
    *Direct & Clear Relationship with the Thesis Statement!
  5. Support/Evidence:

    *Supportive Points Supporting The Topic Sentence
    *Specifically Illustrated!
  6. Documentation:

    *Authentic Citations Provided!
    *Standard Citation Style Followed!


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