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Essay Marking Feedback for Successful Composition!


What If There Is a Way You Can Know Your Essay Marks Before Your Teacher Marks It!

How Awesome Would It be for Your Class-Mates To Be Amazed By Your “Grade-Guess” Even Before the Announcement of Your Result?

Has Your “COMPOSITION” Become a “CONFUSION” for YOU?

What If there is a way a “PhD Professor” Could EDIT And You Could Get The CREDIT by Turning a Rough Essay Draft Into The Master-Piece?

  • Are you sure if your first paragraph doesn’t have a weak “grabber”, thesis is evident and points to be argued are well stated?
  • Do you think that all facts are accurate and relate back to thesis?
  • Is the formatting of your essay is good enough to represent the logical sequence and transition of ideas?
  • Does your entire essay compliment & cover your essay topic comprehensively without letting the reader being confused?
  • Are you sure you have not made a lot of mistakes in punctuation, grammar and spelling or usage errors?

What If There Is a You Could Evaluate the Worthiness of Your Essay before Submitting It to Your Professor So That You Could Edit according To “A-Grade Standard” in No Less Than 3 Hours?

We @ Custom-Essays-Lab.co.uk assures an excellent 

“Essay Marking”

 service that will foresee your essay writing grade before you hand over your essay writing assignment to your professor.


We have the team of highly qualified professionals in which 29 are specialized in the field of teaching having degrees of “Masters in Arts (MFA)”. It is our responsibility to improve your grade by providing you a comprehensive critique service by checking your spelling, grammar, referencing, organization and flow, while offering recommendations for further improvement in content and style.

Below You Will Find the Standards and Criteria for Essay Evaluation Used By Our Experience Professors to Mark Your Essay Far Before Than Your School/College Professor!


Standards Prices per 250 Words
Areas of Assessment A B C D
Format __includes typed final, prewrite or outline, marked draft, & Works Cited in prescribed format __includes typed  final,  prewrite or outline, marked draft, & Works Cited - some (minor) errors in prescribed format __includes typed  final, prewrite/ outline, draft, & Works Cited, but insufficient editing of draft; several errors in prescribed format __ missing prewrite/outline, draft or Works Cited; insufficient editing of draft or outline; numerous errors in format
Comprehension of literature __ writing shows unusual insight understanding __writing shows strong, clear & lucid understanding __writing shows ample understanding but may be too general or superficial

__writing shows little

or no understanding

of text

Idea Development __ presents sparking thesis in an original manner while displaying unusual insight __  presents an effective thesis and  development using a consistent, careful manner incorporating   examples __ presents a clearly defined thesis, but the development  is too general or personalized

__ poorly defined or contradictory development of

thesis that displays

little insight

Supportive Text __more than adequate/correct MLA format; smooth embedding __adequate/some errors in MLA format; generally smooth embedding __inadequate/several errors in MLA format; some faulty embedding


numerous errors in

MLA format;



Organization __ strong, interesting; clear beg/middle/end; strong thesis that is marked on draft __ organized; clear beg/middle/end; clear thesis that is marked on draft __ somewhat organized; attempt at beg/middle/end; thesis is weak or unclear - not marked on draft

__ no attempt at organization; lacks

clear beg/middle/

end; thesis lacking

or inappropriate -

not marked on draft

Word Choice _ fresh/vigorous; contributes to "voice"
__ very limited use of 1st and 2nd person & "to be" verbs
__vivid/interesting; attempt to establish "voice"
__ limited use of 1st and 2nd person & "to be" verbs
__ appropriate but not specific or vivid; weak "voice"
__ weak attempt to limit use of 1st and 2nd person & "to be" verbs

__ simple/vague; appears to lack

_excessive use of

1st and 2nd person

& "to be" verbs

Sentence Structure __ correct/varied __ correct, but lacks variety __ sometimes incorrect & lacks variety __ frequent errors & lacks variety
Transitional Devices __smooth & effective; marked on draft __ somewhat smooth & generally effective; most marked on draft __ many not smooth & some errors in usage; many not marked on draft

__ not used &/or frequent errors in

usage; many not marked on draft

Language Mechanics __ very few (if any) errors; very well proofread __ few errors; generally well proofread __ several errors; requires additional proofreading  __ numerous errors; appears not to have been proofread 


Check the grade of your essay by letting us mark it with utter professionalism!

5 Reasons to Choose Our Essay Marking Service

  1. Qualified Professors

    Your essay will be marked by PhD or Masters qualified professors having the teaching experience of more than 5 years. They are well versed with every ins and outs of a type of essay, term paper or research paper. By having them mark your paper, you will get a definite idea of an “A-Grade” composition.

  2. Accurate Marking Process

    Your essay will be firstly reviewed by a PhD or Master Professor who will spend his/her every second in reviewing your sentence structure, transition and grammar. It is then scanned through a “Essay Composition Software (Cost $299)” to check if there is any room left for any spelling or structure mistake and then with “Turn It In” to check if it is plagiarized. Then finally it is transferred to the “Quality Assurance” department for the final revision.

  3. Complete Privacy & Security

    We give you more than 100% Guarantee of security and privacy related to customer’s concern. Your submitted essay will be stored on the secure database with multiple password protected servers administrated by top network professionals. We have made any chance of theft, stealing or usage of your paper 100% impossible by top quality technical and official security measures.

    Upload Your Essay To Know Its Grading Without Any Fear of Theft or Misuse!

  1. On-Time Delivery

    Your marked essay with improvement report will be delivered before or on your specified deadline. Our normal turnaround time is 12 hours; we also offer rush 6-hour delivery. We have these speedy turnaround times throughout the year.

Click here to foresee your grade in your essay paper in no less than 12 hours!

How Much Would You Like To Pay a Person Who Exactly Figures Out Where You Stand In Your Future With Respect To Your Composition Task And Let You Decide Your Grade Yourself?

We believe our prices offer great value for money that includes:

  • The time and cost of hiring committed PhD professionals who on average charge at least £40 per hour.
  • The services of our customer support team in figuring out a specialized expert to handle your assignment considering the subject in relation.  
  • The hiring of security network professionals to secure your assignments in way that eliminates the chances of any theft or misuse.
  • The dedication to provide you with the very best service and commitment to your satisfaction.


"For An Extremely Limited Time You Can Get This *Valuable* Essay Editing Service For..."

Not 10.95/pg But ONLY £7.95/Pg

(First 500 Orders Only)

Days Prices per 250 Words
5 or More days £7.95
5 Days £9.95
4 Days £11.95
3 Hours £15.95
48 Hours £18.95
24 Hours £21.95


Click Here To Order Essay Editing Service To Turn Your Essay-Draft Into The Master-Piece

Let’s add sugar to this deal even more!

30 Days Money-Back Guarantee With 100% Settlement

If for any reason you think that your essay is not marked up to the standard than we will not hesitate to provide you with:

a) Professional Essay Editing & Proofreading Service FREE OF COST!
b) Essay Marking Service Again By Assigning another PhD Professor!
c) 100% Settlement of your money through our 30 Days Money-Back Policy!

We are so confident of our service that if your school professor marks your essay different from us, then we are ready to assign your PhD Checker to debate with him on phone about the quality issue in your support. (Disguised as your home-tutor)


Get your essay marked to know your result in advance without any fear of money-loss!


But Wait! We Want to Make It EASIER for You...


For a Limited Time, We’re Giving Away the Following Free Bonus Service to Students Who Need Essay Marking Help!


FREE BONUS – Essay Editing Service

(Value £ 97)


With our professional essay marking service, we are glad to provide you our Essay Editing Service FREE of Cost!!


In brief our essay editing service includes:


  1. Proofreading
    1. Spellings
    2. Punctuation
    3. Capitalization
    4. Grammar
    5. Style
  2. Restructuring & Reorganizing
  3. Formatting
  4. Referencing Verification


Our Free Bonus of Editing Service only ensures your essay to be concise, clear, accurateThis does not include adding any new idea or knowledge in your essay paper!!!


Since the free offer is limited therefore you can only claim your free bonus till the end of May 2009

So Be Quick To Order Our Essay Marking Service with the Free Bonus Editing Service!




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