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Organizing Your Ideas For Writing Language Courses Essay

Learning a new language is always fun, whether it’s French, English or German language. Usually the new language is a secondary one which means studying a foreign language. Often when students are give a task to write a an online English course essay, even they come up with great ideas, the unorganized and unstructured form of the essay leaves a very bad impression on the readers. This make them lose their grades, so we have decided to give away a great way to organize your ideas and thoughts.

The main purpose of creating an outline is to write your ideas on paper in a bit organized way. Here, you have to decide if you want a cut-and-dried structure or the flowing structure of an outline, while you can also switch if you are not comfortable with the format.


  • Draw a circle in your diagram or whatever shape you prefer in the middle of the pages.
  • Now, write the topic “Language course essay” in that circle.
  • From the centre, draw three to four lines out in the page and make sure to spread them out. Again draw circle at the end of each lines.
  • Write your main ideas about the topic in each shape.
  • From each shape of your main ideas, draw again three to four lines in the page along with the circle at the end.
  • Now in each circle, write all the information and facts about those main ideas.

The above told essay helper diagram that will assist you a lot in writing your language courses essay in no time.


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