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Suggested Essay Questions For Different Themes To Write Kite Runner Essay

Kite Runner is a very famous novel written by Khalid Hossieni that defines the story of two friends and their unconditional love.  As this is a new edition to English literature, it is not usually taught at the institutional level. But if you are asked to attempt essay questions for kite runner essays, you might find it a very difficult task if you haven’t read the kite runner book. You can go through the following suggested kite runner essay questions for different kite runner themes to have an idea about it.

Theme # 1:

The Discrimination, Bigotry, and Class Structure of Afghan Society

  • Was it very important to show the class difference between Hassan and Amir? Use specific points to and historical facts to ground your argument.

Theme # 2:

Man’s Inhumanity To Man

  • Elaborate the concept of circularity in the story, what are the important cycles existed in the character’s lives and histories?

Theme # 3:
The Resilience of the Human Spirit

  • How the novel explains the word “courage”. What do you think the true bravery is? Who is the bravest character from your point of view? Use the relevant examples from the text to support your answer.

Theme # 4:
Bad influence of the circumstances:

  • Every character in the novel is designed not only according to the current circumstances but also their histories and political influences. Analyze the character of Sohrab, how was he different from the other characters of the novel and how did it affected his life?

Theme # 5:
The Fragile Relationship between Fathers and Sons:

  • How is a father figure defined in the novel and what does it mean to have a father? Consider characters: Ali, Baba, Hassan, Amir, General, Taheri, Raymond Andrews, and Wahid.

Thus, the above told themes with the suggested essay question will give your clear idea about the kite runner story so that you can come up with great essay on kite runner.


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