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How to come up with a good introduction with different themes for Great Expectations Essays

Great Expectations is a literary classic of genius, Charles Dickens. The novel, Great Expectations follows a great many themes; thus students are assigned to write great expectations essays on different themes of the novel by their teachers to encourage themselves in developing their writing skills. It’s difficult to analyze the verbal irony in Charles Dickens work; therefore, students face difficulties to write a good introduction for their great expectations essay.

Here are 4 different themes from the novel, Great Expectations with some ideas that would help you how to create good introductions for essays on great expectations:

Introduction # 1:



  • You should prepare a thesis statement that explores where the ambition of Pips leads him towards. An example may be:

Pips had an ambition to adopt the better social class but his eager of becoming rich lead him to lose the closest friends


  • Your topic sentence should support your thesis, so, you may write a topic sentence that fits well with your thesis. An example may be:

Ambitions are achieved only if you are highly focused and desperate for them to be achieved; otherwise, your ambitions would turned out be a failure”.

Introduction # 2:



  • Crime has a lot to do with the novel, so, your thesis should be in relation to criminal justice. Here’s one example:

Although, criminal justice holds an important place in society but Pips who had spent most of his life with the society of criminals prefers the grant of mercy for criminals rather following criminal justice”.


  • For the preceding thesis statement, your topic sentence should be written in accordance with the criminal justice system. For e.g.

Rules are meant to be broken for the society that brings rules to punish criminals who are closely linked to society rather treating them mercifully

Introduction #3:



  • JOE GARGERY is a character of the novel; thus, you should utilize his salient features to prepare the thesis for your free great expectations essays regarding the character sketch.
  • You should analyze the kindness, friendliness and caring features of JOE GARGERY to write your great expectations essay regarding Joe’s character.
In short, you have to prepare a thesis statement and topic sentence at first to make good introductions for great expectations essays; only then, you would be able to write good essays on great expectations.


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