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How to write an essay in French when you don’t know how to speak French?

French essay writing is obviously a challenging task for those students who don’t know how to speak French. One should never forget that challenges are meant to be achieved whether it’s a physical challenge or mental challenge. Once you accomplish a challenging task, it remains no more a challenge to you; thus, whether it’s about French essay or English essays, you should treat both the same way to come up with the great results for your French essays.

Here is the guideline that you should follow to write an essay in French in order to make your essay to be a remarkable success:

Assume that you have been assigned a topic: Liberté, égalité, fraternité (liberty, equality and fraternity)

Step 1:

  • Developing a thesis: Thesis statement for essays in French needs to be remarkable and should be delivered half explored so that you can provide arguments later on to proceed with your French essay. Here’s one example:
    Bien que la liberté, l'égalité et la fraternité peuvent être la devise nationale de France mais l'origine de ces mensonges de devise dans la Révolution française”.
    Translation: Although liberty, equality and fraternity may be the national motto of France but origin of this motto lies within the French Revolution.
  • Introducing the first argument: It should be related to your thesis as your first argument is the key to support your stand point. Here’s one example in French to support what you have provided in your thesis:

Seul, la devise tripartite a révolutionné l'histoire de France”.

Translation: Alone, the tripartite motto revolutionized the history of France.
Just like the preceding argument, you should provide a concluding sentence to make your introductory paragraph to be completed.

Step 2:

Body Paragraph: There is no guarantee how many body paragraphs you may have to write but each paragraph of your body should hold a new topic in relevancy with the preceding and leading body paragraphs. Here’s where you would justify your literary work with valid proof: Here is an example that may guide you how to provide evidence for essay on French:

Example: “Les esprits du français les permettent d'explorent la liberté, ils ont voulu la liberté pour épargner des gens être écrasés par la main d'ennemi ; ainsi, ils n'ont pas hésité pour épargner leurs vies pour le bien de bon, donc, ils ont révolutionné leurs faiblesses comme leurs forces et ont épargné les gens

Translation: Spirits of the French let them explore the liberty, they wanted liberty to save people to be crushed by the hand of enemy; thus, they didn't hesitate to spare their lives for the sake of good, consequently, they revolutionized their weaknesses as their strengths and saved the people.

Step 3:

Conclusion: Just like the introduction and body paragraph, your conclusion should fairly be strong as a bad conclusion can wipe out the efforts in no time. Therefore, you should also give importance to the conclusion of your French essay. Here are a few phrases in French that you may use to conclude your French essay:

Phrase 1: quand tous sont dits et sont faits, à la fin du jour…. (Meaning: when all is said and done, at the end of the day----)

Phrase 2: en bref, à tout prendre… (Meaning: in short, all in all…)
In short that was only a one way that you may follow in order to write French essays; there, are so many others way too, you just have to seek out which one is the best for your French essay writing.


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