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How to write a freedom research essay that answers “Is Freedom an Illusion”?

You may think that freedom is a reality; on the other hand, one who says freedom to be an illusion is also correct. In fact, freedom is a contradictory term; therefore, whenever the students are being assigned to write freedom essays; they have to incorporate elements of contradiction in order to make their freedom essay stand out. Some students face troubles when they have been assigned by their teachers to write a research essay on freedom.

Here are some free tips for students that will aid the students a lot in writing their freedom definition essay about the topic: Is Freedom an Illusion?   

Tip # 1: Your thesis statement for your essay of freedom should clearly depict the idea: If society decides to feel trapped without utilizing the opportunities to feel free; then it’s obvious for society that freedom is an illusion.  

Tip # 2: You should begin the body of your essay about freedom with contradictory sentence in order to define what freedom is about for e.g. “If there is no law to stop actions against the fundamental rights of citizens; then there is no way that freedom exists”.

Tip # 3: In order to keep your readers engage within your freedom essay; you may use a strong quote that supports the theme of your essay within your body paragraph. Example:  Freedom from worries and surcease from strain are illusions that always inhabit the distance” (Edwin Way Teale)

Tip # 4: You should conclude you freedom definition essay by clearly depicting the influence that the surrounding environment impose over every human being. You may conclude your essay as: “The environment highly influence the people in society. Even every action that a person takes is reaction of an environment. Hence, no one is free to say that freedom is a reality”.  

In short, they were a few tips for those students who face troubles in writing their freedom essays; hopefully, from now on, writing a freedom essay won’t be a big task for such students.


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