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Comprehensive Outline for Essay on Gun Control

Today, gun control has become a controversial issue in the United States; therefore, high school or college students are usually being assigned gun control essays by their supervisors to test academic writing skills of students. Students may either select pro gun control essays or essays against control but whatever the type they select, they have to justify their standpoint along with strong argument in the eyes of law.

Whether you have to write a gun control persuasive essay or gun control argumentative essay, your essay gun control won’t be a big task if you will prepare a proper outline for your essay on gun control. Here is a free gun control essays outline that you can use comprehensively for your essays on gun control:

  • Introductory Statement or Thesis: Your first sentence is going to support your viewpoint throughout the essay; thus, it should make a persuasive impact over your audience. Here is one example of an introductory statement:

Hammer or baseball bat in terms of violence may hurt you a bit but gun is the tool that may hurt you for good”.


  • Body Paragraph Supporting the Viewpoint: Next to your viewpoint comes an element of support; thus, you should provide 1 or 2 strong arguments in your first paragraph of a body to justify your claim. Here is one example of an argument that you may use for your essay on gun control:

If there were no gun control in our country, the crimes would have reached to an extreme violence; thus government has done well by making laws to minimize gun violence”.


  • Body Paragraph to Explain Controversy of Gun Control: You should make it clear in your next body paragraph that gun control is not only the way to reduce crimes in the states. You may make your point by providing a strong statement; for e.g.;

People committing crime has nothing to do with gun control; in fact, gun control laws have made it easier for them to kill, injure or hurt helpless citizens who abide by laws of our state”.


  • Body Paragraph Dealing with Gun Violence Statistics: Here, you to use statistics and make use of bar graphs, pie charts, pictograms and pie charts to depict how gun control laws have influence gun violence. You can also compare the death rates of Switzerland with the US and prove that Switzerland where carrying a handgun is legal has lowest death rates as compared to the US.   
  • Conclusive Part: You should give a helicopter view of your essay on gun control and make a point to justify your point whether gun control is in favor of our state or against the state.
It was one of the simplest outlines that you may use for an essay on gun control. After restructuring the points in the preceding outline; essay gun control won’t remain a big task for you.


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