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Tips for Writing “Against and In Favor” Capital Punishment Essay”

Capital punishment falls in the category of ETHICS as number of people consider penalty of death to be a right conduct whereas many assume this penalty to be wrong. To some nations, it’s a law while many nations have abolished capital punishment for good. It appears that the ethical dilemma of a capital punishment won’t ever resolve.

Students have to be very precise and concise while writing capital punishment essays whether they are being assigned by their supervisor to write against capital punishment essay or in favor of capital punishment essay. Students should follow some tips to come up with exclusive essays on capital punishment. Here are the free tips that students should follow to write a capital punishment essay one of its own kinds.

  • Primarily, the student should focus on a good title to write an essay on capital punishment. It’s better to adopt the controversial title for capital punishment essays. Here are a few of them
  • The State Monopoly vs the Death Penalty
  • Lethal justice
  • The best alternative
  • Your thesis statement should be strong regarding the sight you are using for the capital punishment i.e. whether you are supporting the death penalty or arguing against capital punishment. Here are some quotes that you can utilize to prepare a thesis statement for your capital punishment essay:


Most people approve of capital punishment, but most people wouldn't do the hangman's job”. (George Orwell)


I don’t think you should support the death penalty to seek revenge. I don’t think that’s right. I think the reason to support the death penalty is because it saves other people’s lives”. (George Walker Bush)

  • A strong and gruesome topic sentence regarding your against capital punishment essay may be as follow:

The man who was accused of murdering the victim was sentenced to death by court but the point is that the defendant didn’t murder the victim

  • The body of a capital punishment essay should follow your personal views, observations and life experience about the death penalty. If you imply quotations as a justification to your views; then it is better for you to refer cites from where you have gathered the views.
  • You should adopt the discursive approach to conclude your essay such that your audience can’t argue you “SO WHAT?”

In a nutshell, you just have to follow the preceding tips intellectually in order to write the great essays on capital punishment.

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