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Top 25 Architecture Essays Topics on IB Extended Architectural Designs

Architecture is one of the most entrancing works from the very beginning. Architecture entails the expression for the life and the society and if you are planning to write an essay on architecture but you are confused in selecting the topic, and then you have reach at the right place.

25 most compelling architectural essays topics

1. Architecture essay of the Victorian Era.

2. Highlights on 1920’s architecture.

3. Criticism on the biggest architectures of the world.

4. African Architecture.

5. Roman Architecture.

6. Renaissance Architecture.

7. Gothic architecture.

8. Architecture of Art galleries.

9. Greek theatre architecture.

10. Architectural designs of Mayan civilization.

11. Comparison between the architecture of Italy and Germany

12. Queen Anne architecture in America.

13. Islamic and Christian architecture in Spain.

14. Architectural designs of Real estate.

15. Studio of Architecture.

16. Classical vs. modern architecture.

17. Romanesque vs. Greek architecture.

18. Capitalist society architecture.

19. Architectural trends.

20. Indian Architecture.

21. E-business and architecture.

22. Egyptian architecture.

23. History of Greek architectures

24. Persian architecture.

25. Architecture of the 19th century.

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