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Accounting Essay Topics: Selection Made Easy

You have given an assignment to write an essay on accounting and now you are confused what topic will impress your instructor. As, essays on accounting is a very frequent assignment and thousands of students have written thousands of time.

Thereby, I decided to jot down some of the interesting Accounting essay topics that will surely help you write some interesting piece of work.

25 atypical accounting essays topics!

  • Point out the difference between throughput accounting and activity based accounting.
  • Strategic accounting for making decisions.
  • Analyze the current corporate reporting practices.
  • Comparison of finance statements.
  • Non-payment of tax is becoming national practice.
  • Discuss integrated management accounting approach.
  • Business budgeting.
  • Economic and monetary union (EMU).
  • Causes for the engagement of foreign direct investment of Multinational Corporation.
  • Discuss management accounting.
  • Discuss the existing issues in management accounting.
  • Accounting for the sake of human capital.
  • Accounting ethics.
  • Ethics in financial decision making.
  • Strategic management accounting.
  • Cost accounting.
  • Financial accounting VS Managerial accounting.
  • History of accounting and business.
  • Growth of accounting 1950-1995.
  • Discuss the development of single set of accounting standards.
  • Accounting under common control entities.
  • Responsibilities of financial accounting managers.
  • Accounting discussion of British American Tobacco Ltd.
  • Significance of accounting.
  • Budgeting in the business organization
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