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What are examples of some good thesis statements for writing an essay on tsunami?

Whenever a series of water waves are displayed by the larger volume of body of water; then a wave train is formed giving rise to a tidal wave that can causes devastation of coastal regions. Different kinds of tsunami essays are being given to the students including argumentative essay, cause and effect essay or compare and contrast essay by supervisors to test the analytical skills of students regarding tsunami disasters.

Although, tsunami does not occur frequently; however, it has occurred in several regions across the globe from time to time. Therefore, students are being given a tsunami essay related to a particular event about tsunami in the past. Developing a thesis for essay on tsunami has never been an easy task for the students; therefore, the most common problem faced by students to write an essay on tsunami is the development of a thesis statement.
Here are examples of different kinds of thesis statement with reference to the distinct events that have taken place in the past regarding the events of tsunami to help students in writing a tsunami essay:

Analytical Thesis Statement Example:The Indian Ocean Tsunami of 2004 was the deadliest tsunami in history that killed 150,000 people in all, destructed the homes of millions and released an energy equivalent to 23000 Hiroshima type atom bombs”. (Indian Ocean Tsunami of 2004)

Expository Thesis Statement Example: Tsunami caused in July 2006 by Java Earth Quake took the lives of 668 people and the earthquake was also held responsible for the lost of at least 65 people”.  (July 2006 Java Earthquake Causing Tsunami)

Argumentative Thesis Statement Example: 2004 tsunami caused severe destruction to countries across the globe which evoked the countries to develop a tsunami alarm system”.  

Hopefully, you would have realized that there are different ways for you to present a thesis statement for different kinds of tsunami essays. In short, you should concentrate on the subject of your tsunami essay to create a thesis for your essay.

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