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How to Write a Compare and Contrast Essay on Poetry?

As poetry is difficult to understand; therefore, it is obvious for you to face difficulties while writing poetry essays. In essays on poetry, students need to interpret the hidden meaning of context in poems by reading between the lines. Poems essay would no longer be a difficult task if students focus hard to concentrate on poetry in order to grab the central idea or theme of poems. Remember! Concentration is the key to write a poem essay.

It is observed that students are usually assigned to write a compare and contrast poetry essay on two poems. As writing an essay on one poem is difficult for them; therefore, it’s obvious for them to face more complexities to write an essay on poetry about two poems. In order to guide those students who face difficulties in writing a poetry essay; here is the simple guideline that will surely help them in writing compare and contrast poetry essays:

Step 1

Getting Started:

At first, you have to tell your readers about the items that you are going to compare and contrast for your essay. You should state the purpose of your essay and give a brief description on each of the poems that have been assigned for your poem essay.       

Step 2

Comparing Body Paragraph 1:

You should give at least 2 and at most 3 similarities between each of the poems in your essay on poetry. 

Step 3

Contrasting Body Paragraph 2:

Just like comparing, you should give at least 2 and at most 3 differences for contrasting two poems in your essay.

Step 4


Summarizing the theme of your essay in 2 or 3 sentences would help you conclude a poetry essay.

In short, if you follow the preceding guidelines for poetry essays; then writing a poetry essay won’t bother you anymore.


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