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How to start the persuasive Edgar Allan Poe Essay on any of his stories?

Edgar Allan Poe, the American poet, literary critic, editor and writer is best known for his mystery tales and macabre. As Poe is famous for his stories; therefore, it’s obvious for students to be assigned Poe essays on any of his stories. Persuasive essays on Poe stories are most commonly assigned to students in order to test their critical skills. Here are some steps that you need to follow in order to come up with a persuasive Poe essay on any of his stories.


Brainstorming: Let’s suppose, you are going to write about fear of narrator in the story “The Pit and the Pendulum”. You have to brainstorm to come up with ideas for your Edgar Allan Poe essay that justify your viewpoint. You should list down all ideas that came up in your mind to apply them efficiently in your essay later on.         


Investigating: You should discuss about your Poe essay topic with friends, classmates and students in order to find out what they think about your essay topic. Responses from them will help you to develop facts in order to let your audience pursue your essay.     


Reading: Critically analyze the topic through reading by keeping the point of view of author in your mind. It will help you find some evidences to make your standpoint true.


Thinking: Once, you have got the facts; it’s time for you to think yourself as the audience. Doing this will help you find out: Would the audience agree with my viewpoint?


Organizing: Last but not least, you have to organize your Poe essay. While organizing, make sure that your illustrative examples clarify the points that you are trying to convey. You should organize your persuasive essay properly to make it standout among your audience.

In short, if you will carefully follow the preceding steps to write Edgar Allan Poe essays; then, it won’t be long for you to come with Poe essay i.e. one of its own kinds.

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