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How to write a volunteering essay on hospital?

Hospital essays test social insights of students regarding their good or bad experiences with hospitals. Personal anecdotes, reasons, suggestions or arguments are some of the basic requirements of a hospital essay. Essay on hospital not only test writing skills of students but also encourage those students who want to work as a volunteer in hospital for the near future.

Here is a simple guideline to write hospital essay for students who are planning to become a volunteer in the near future:                       

Introduction:It should be your personal anecdote describing your past experience about hospital that has influenced you to become a volunteer. For e.g. “When I was 5 years old, hospitals have been scary places for me where people became sick unless I saw that car accident of a pedestrian by the drunk driver at the age of 7. Volunteers at hospitals took good care of the injured pedestrian; it was the day when I realized the significance of hospitals”.

Body:Body of your hospital essay should be divided into 3 paragraphs with each paragraphing illustrating the reason: Why I want to become a volunteer at hospital?

You may illustrate the following points in separate body paragraphs:

Point # 1: I love to help people who need help as helping others make me feel good.

Point # 2: I want to explore the feelings of people suffering from extreme injuries and diseases.   

Point # 3: I want to learn about healthcare of people belonging to different classes of the society.

Conclusion: Conclusion in hospital essays is all about giving your viewpoint on the subject “Why I want to become a volunteer? You may say: “I’m looking forward to become a volunteer in order to help sick, injured and homeless people for good”      

In a nutshell, it was the simple guideline that one may follow in order to write a hospital essay on why I want to be a volunteer with great ease.  


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