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How to Structure your A Level Essays on Different Subjects?

A-Level students are being assigned by their teachers a level essay in order to enhance their writing skills. In A level essays, students have to provide insights on the topics of their general interest. Proper structuring is one of the key aspects of getting the high grade in a level essay but some students do not structure their essay properly and get failed in their A level essays.
Here is a step by step guideline for students in order to help students in structuring a level history essay and a level art essay:

Guideline to Structure a level Essay on History:

Step 1 (Introduction): Students are usually given a question in a level history essay; therefore, their thesis statement of this a level essay should be well directed towards that question. Topic sentence of introductory paragraph should also reflect the thesis statement of an essay.          

Step 2 (Body): Students have to utilize the historical evidences in separate body paragraphs along with topic sentences for supporting their viewpoint on the subject.

Step 3 (Conclusion): In summary, students have to restate their thesis statement and summarize their standpoint in two to three sentences.

Guideline to Structure a level Essay on Art:

Step 1 (Introduction): A level essay on art may be dealing with different topics on art. Whatever the topic you may be assigned for writing a level essay, you should remember that good thesis statement is essential for writing art essays; therefore, your thesis should define your subject well. In other words, strong introduction will increase your chances to acquire a good grade for an essay.      

Step 2 (Body): Body paragraphs in an art essay may be dealing with visual elements, music or literature. You need to think as an artist for coming up with strong body paragraphs for your art essay. 

Step 3 (Conclusion): You should present a conclusion to the readers in arts essay in a way wthat your readers get convinced with your standpoint.

In a few words, writing a level essay on different subjects will require you to think differently for coming up with outstanding a level essays.  
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